Product Spotlight: ABO +|- Eye Serum Rejuvenating Eye Gel

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The skin around your eyes is the most fragile and prone to dryness, so it’s the quickest to manifest the signs of aging and fatigue. This is why eye cream is a non-negotiable step in your skincare routine. By using a formula specifically created to nourish the delicate skin that surrounds the windows to your soul, you can actively delay the development of fine lines, crow’s feet and sagging as much as possible.

Focusing on the science of cellular health, Circcell has created the ABO +|- Eye Serum Rejuvenating Eye Gel, a solution that targets all of the concerns you may have when it comes to the skin around your eyes. It contains a powerful blend of oxygen-rich ingredients and an algae complex to make your eye area look radiant, well-rested and visibly bright.

The formula also visibly reduces wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles while lifting and firming the delicate eye area. After cleansing, you apply a pea-sized amount to the eye area, making sure not to apply it to your eyelids. For optimal results, apply the eye cream in the morning and at night. The formula’s key ingredients include:

  •   Advanced BTX: medical-grade oxygen carriers that contain more oxygen than human blood

  •   Pepha®Tight: an algae extract proven to reduce oxidative stress, stimulate collagen production and create instant, visible tightening

  •   Saliporene 8: increases water content in the skin by 6000%

It doesn’t take long after incorporating the ABO+|- Eye Serum Rejuvenating Eye Gel into your daily skincare routine before seeing a noticeable improvement in your eye area. The gel is suitable for all skin types too, so everyone can enjoy the benefits of younger looking, radiant skin.

Check out what some of our customers are saying about the ABO +|- Eye Serum Rejuvenating Eye Gel:

‘For years I have been trying to find a product to help with the dark circles under my eyes. And I’ve always been disappointed. For the first time ever Circcell has been able to give me a product that I am truly amazed with. It is unbelievable how it has worked when so many other products have failed. I highly recommend this amazing eye gel.’

‘When I started using this product, I was skeptical regarding the reduction to the dark circles and puffy eyes. I have tried many products with no luck. My skepticism is gone. This stuff really works. It has reduced my dark circles and the puffiness around my eyes. This product is a keeper. I absolutely recommend this.’

‘Great results with ABO+ Eye Serum! I am very impressed with how smooth my skin appears and my fine lines are significantly diminished around my eyes. I look healthier!’

For full and complete eye care, our Fresh Eyes Tool Kit incorporates everything in the Circcell arsenal.   

Crows feet, dark circles, and puffiness have nowhere to hide with this triple threat of serum, sheet mask, and mechanical red/blue light device.

$195 value, attractively priced at $150 MSRP

The collection contains:

1 x Full-Size ABO Eye Serum
2 x Insight Collagen Eye Masks
1 x Red Light/Blue Light Infusion Device
1 x Makeup Bag




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