An Exclusive Interview With Greta Eagan, Eco Expert and Jackson Hole Native

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The gorgeous Jackson Hole, Wyoming is the birthplace of Circcell, so naturally we think it’s an amazing place to live (and definitely worth a visit). Our extraordinary friend Greta Eagen, eco expert, wardrobe stylist, creative consultant and the illustrious mind behind Fashion Me Green, sat down with us to share her favorite things about this quaint mountain town where she grew up as well as her tips on living life beautifully and balanced. You don’t want to miss what she has to say!

Tell us about Jackson Hole from the Greta lens! What makes it a great place to live?

Well, since I grew up in Jackson, it will always be home to me. I felt so lucky to have grown up in a place that was not only a playground with all the outdoor activities and beautiful landscapes to enjoy, but also a hub for culture including the authentic cowboy culture of the wild west.

To me, Jackson is learning how to drive a stick shift on a back country road, peacefully sharing the trail with a moose, swing dancing at the Stage Coach Bar, catching up with friends on a hike up the Old Pass Road, getting up early for fresh tracks at the Mountain, crust cruising in the Park in the springtime and losing all sense of time fly fishing my favorite holes.

Let’s pretend someone is planning to visit Jackson Hole for 24 hours. What would you recommend to them?

Tough question! There is so much to do, but I would suggest they have what locals call a Jackson Hole Day. That means you incorporate at least three activities into one day.

Here’s how my summer Jackson Hole day would look:

Go on a morning hike up Snow King for the view, get breakfast at Persephone’s out on the deck, grab sandwiches and snacks from Pearl St. Market and head to Grand Teton National Park, hike around Bradley and Tagart Lakes (with a stop for lunch and a swim of course!), head back to town and stop at the Elk Refuge to “get some line wet” in a pre-dinner fly fishing session. At dusk, wander into King Sushi for a tasty meal, and if it is Tuesday night make your way over to the Wort Hotel to enjoy some live music.


That sounds like so much fun! Now let’s talk skincare (of course!). When people visit a place like Miami, they know they should adjust their skin routine to prepare for the humidity. Are there any Jackson Hole-specific weather or seasonal considerations you should factor into your planning?

Definitely. Jackson is a very dry climate (people find that out right away when they visit!) that requires a little extra TLC where your skin is concerned. I always recommend that you add a face oil to your routine in dry places. I mix a few drops with a pump of my daily moisturizer and apply them directly to my skin together (I do this for body with body oil and body moisturizer too). Also, because of the high elevation it is crucial you apply and reapply sun protection. And, as always, drink lots of water.

What are the Circcell skincare products you can’t live without? Any tips and tricks you’d like to share?

The Circcell Extraordinary Face Oil is a must for me and I can’t recommend enough the

Creme E.R.3. I feel this creme is the only moisturizer that keeps my skin happy during the driest winter months in Jackson. pic-2

We all know that when your body, mind and soul are off balance, it really shows up on your skin. What are some things you do regularly to ensure you’re in a state of balance?

I mask, and I mask often. Especially if I am traveling, when I get off a plane and am in for the night I will do a mask to help pull out impurities and calm my skin. A weekly home spa night with a mask and some relaxation time to just read and chill is a great way to restore balance.

Your skin is incredible! Do you do anything unique, unusual or surprising to keep your skin so clear and radiant?

What a nice thing to say... you are my new best friend! I drink a lot of water. I was drinking a lot of tea, but then I decided to switch to hot water and lemon, and now I just drink hot water to start my day and throughout the day. I find a warm beverage satisfying and since it doesn’t have any caffeine to offset the hydration I think it has made a huge difference in my skin.

I am also now taking a supplement that I learned about from my friend Tara Mackey (the author of Cured By Nature) called DIM that helps keep hormones in check and has been the key to clear, radiant skin from the inside out. pic-3

What are the rules you live by for a balanced, joy-filled life?

I am a daily meditator. That practice of getting quiet and calm and connecting to something deeper inside is so grounding. I also journal and try to practice mindfulness to appreciate the little things and find ways to be happy and grateful in the moment.

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