Our Story


Your Birkenstocks are sitting right next to your Louboutins. You definitely choose glass over plastic. And you demand your skincare be as performance-based as it is clean.

We’ve been looking for you.

When Maya Crothers–a Wharton School MBA and Engineer–found herself living in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, she also found that her skin was not a fan of her new location.

A bit of a skin care junkie, Maya had plenty of luxurious options in her arsenal–but nothing worked in the harsh Jackson Hole weather. And nothing offered her the clean options that she was so passionate about. So, she put her frustration, and her engineering mind, to work. Her goal was to produce skin care with a real dedication to performance and clean, loaded with dermatologist grade performance ingredients and combined with elements of nature–clays, essential oils, herbal extracts and marine-based elements. Oh, and it had to work wherever she traveled.

The result was Circcell®–a hybrid of Circle, meaning whole and balanced, and Cellular indicating real change. A performance-based, environmentally-sensitive, unparalleled experience that performs elegantly in any climate, adjusting to your needs.

Maya created skin care for today’s woman. The woman who knows efficacy is essential; to whom clean means not harming the user or the environment; and for whom luxury is a given.

Our Promise

Skincare that is smartly-sourced, environmentally savvy, and delivers an experience that is oh-so-luxurious. Circcell® is dedicated to transformation–with products that harness potent, age-defying ingredients and actives known to deliver results through performance driven formulations. The resulting collection delivers a sensual experience with the world’s most high-performing experience. With a nod to the world we live in.

  • Paraben Free
  • Pthalate Free
  • Free of Harsh Surfactants
  • No artificial colors
  • Cruelty Free

Modern, Luxurious,

Skincare formulated to move like you do…seamlessly, effectively, and gracefully from one environment to another. Circcell® works to keep the skin beautiful from deep within, even as environmental factors shift. Whether it’s urban pollution, UV exposure, or frequent travel, our collection includes daily rituals and treatments sensitive to today’s skincare concerns.

We demand that each of our products:

  • Travel Well
  • Multitask
  • Are Performance Based
  • Deliver A Variety of the Best Technologies
  • Are Clean & Environmentally Friendly