The Ultimate Skincare Guide for the Harshest Weather Conditions

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Whether you plan to visit a place like Chicago, Minneapolis or Jackson Hole or are awaiting the first flakes of snow to fall wherever you live, your skin is probably more anxious about the cold winter conditions than you are. That’s because brutal winds and cool temperatures easily strip the stratum corneum (the outermost layer of skin) of the moisture it always needs to stay plump, radiant and healthy-looking.

When you find yourself in this skin-compromising predicament, gaps are created in the outer layer of the epidermis and water starts to escape, resulting in dryness, flakiness or dehydration. Once the skin becomes stripped of its protective barrier, irritants are able to enter the skin which often results in sensitive, red and irritated skin.

The stratum corneum is meant to shield the epidermis from the outside world, but it’s not difficult to disrupt. When irritants begin to travel through the outer layer of the skin, dry, flaky skin may occur due to transepidermal water loss. When the external layer of the skin is functioning properly, the lipids in the skin act like plastic wrap that protects the skin and seals in moisture to keep the external layer healthy and hydrated.

If you already suffer from dry skin or combination skin, you’re at an even greater risk of drying out your skin in harsher weather conditions. Healthy, hydrated skin should never feel overly oily and overly dry, but it’s difficult to achieve normal, healthy skin when you’re constantly surrounded by blistering winds and frigid temperatures. With winter fast approaching, it’s important you take action now to protect your skin from the chilly, windy weather ahead! With the right products and self-care ritual, you can heal the skin’s exterior layer and protect it from further damage.

Let’s take a closer look at several products that help to heal the epidermis and lock in moisture:

ABO Serum

Our ABO Serum is perfect for all skin types, including dry, sensitive and problematic skin. Formulated with an enriched oxygen and algae complex, our serum nourishes the skin and restores moisture. Consisting of ingredients such as CIC-2, Perfluorocarbon Blend – BTX, Pepha® Tight, and Saliporene-8, our ABO Serum is an incredible option for combating dryness.

The ABO Serum is filled with healing, nourishing ingredients that dry skin needs in order to repair itself. CIC-2 keeps the epidermis hydrated and protects it from free radicals such as the sun, dust, pollution, and even cigarette smoke.

Perfluorocarbon Blend – BTX consists of three medical-grade gas carriers that contain more oxygen than human blood! Pepha® Tight is an algae extract that reduces oxidative stress and fights wrinkles. Saliporene-8 increases water content in the skin by 6,000 percent!

When using the ABO Serum, we recommend that you apply a dime-sized amount of the serum twice daily for best results, followed by the Créme E.R.3. and/or an Extraordinary Face Oil.

Créme E.R.3.


Créme E.R.3. is another amazing product for keeping the epidermis balanced and moisturized. Containing ingredients such as wild yam, Non-GMO soy and Nanolipo hGH, the Créme E.R.3. firms the skin and restores moisture. For best results, we recommend that you apply a nickel-sized amount once or twice daily.

Extraordinary Face Oils for Aging, Sensitive or Oily Skin

The Extraordinary Face Oils come in three different formulas: Anti-Aging, Healing/Sensitive Skin and Oily/Problematic Skin. What makes them extraordinary is their ability to produce free, fatty acids that are necessary for achieving a glowing, youthful appearance.

Jacqueline’s Blend, our anti-aging face oil, is perfect for aging, dry, oily, sensitive, and combination skin types. Containing oil soluble Vitamin C, marine compound and pure rose and jasmine oils, this blend restores moisture, soothes irritation and fights signs of aging. Apply Jacqueline’s Blend in the morning, at night and again throughout the day whenever additional moisture is needed.

Nancy’s Blend is our oil for sensitive skin but also works well on aging, dry, oily and combination types. This formula provides gentle, lasting hydration and reduces redness or post-procedure irritation. Apply Nancy’s Blend in the morning, at night or as often as you’d like throughout the day. Let ingredients like fermented argan oil, marine-derived gorgonian extract, sunflower seed oil and essential oils work wonders on your sensitive or healing skin.

Wooshie’s Blend is designed to balance moisture, irritation and redness in acne-prone skin. Ingredients like green tea tree oil, pumpkin seed oil and essential oils all work together to clear the epidermis of acne and blemishes while also retaining moisture in the skin. To achieve a clear, smooth and hydrated complexion, apply Wooshie’s blend in the morning, at night or as often as you’d like.

Hydrate Your Skin, the Largest Organ in Your Body

Drinking plenty of water is another important measure you can take to keep your skin nourished. The epidermis, like other organs in the body, needs water to thrive and function properly. However, the skin is the last organ in the body to absorb hydration. For this reason, your body needs at least eight glasses of water per day in addition to an effective skin care ritual that will lock in moisture no matter where in the world you live. Hydration is key for radiant skin! Eating a variety of fruits and vegetables such as kale, cucumber, oranges, grapefruit, tomatoes and blueberries are also proven to hydrate and soothe the skin. By eating a healthy diet, drinking plenty of water and incorporating the ABO Serum, Créme E.R.3. and our Extraordinary Face Oils into your beauty routine, you’ll take significant action to protect your skin from some of the harshest climates while locking in moisture and hydration for a smooth, soft, even complexion. Sources:

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