What Is a Chirally Correct Professional Peel and Why Is It a Better Way to Healthy, Glowing Skin

The Chirally Correct Peel is an advanced facial peel with promising results. Transform your skin with this professional-grade facial treatment that exfoliates, repairs, and brightens to reveal a youthful glow.

In this article, you will learn:

  • What Does Chirally Correct Mean?

  • Benefits of the Chirally Correct Facial

  • What to Do After a Chemical Face Peel

What Does Chirally Correct Mean?

Chirally Correct Peel & Why It's Healthy

In 1847, French chemist Louis Pasteur discovered the concept of chirality. He observed that while both halves of a molecule were identical, they polarized differently. This observation led him to understand that many molecules have two “mirror-image” parts. They are the same in all ways physically and chemically, with one exception: how they link together and react with other molecules in the body. He discovered that only one half of the molecule was able to connect with the human body. The other half was either benign or caused sensitivity, inflammation, or allergic reactions. Lactic acid, the active ingredient commonly used in professional peels, is an example of a common skin care ingredient with two isomeric chiral forms. If you were to split the lactic acid molecule down the middle, there would be no plane of symmetry. Asymmetrical in their cross-sections, these isomers vary in their rotation, which can cause each half to react differently with molecules in the body. As a result, the consequences can be that while one half of the molecule offers desirable functions, the other may have no effect and negate the value of the favorable side or actually do the body harm in some way. Circcell’s newly launched Chirally Correct Peel + uses only the half of the molecule that interacts with the body. This technology increases the efficacy of the peel while reducing irritation and inflammation. This peel also includes ingredients that promote other areas of wellbeing for the skin.

Benefits of the Chirally Correct Facial

Circcell’s professional peels and facials are highly concentrated to provide the ultimate deep exfoliation. This peel helps to address visible skin imperfections revealing brighter, more radiant skin. The Chirally Correct Peel+ uses high-grade technology to boost the efficacy of the peel while reducing irritation, improving moisture absorption, calming any inflammation, and fortifying skin immunity.

Lactic Acid (L)

Lactic Acid is a chiral alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) that is the primary exfoliating ingredient in the Chirally Correct Facial. It’s highly prized for reducing wrinkles, fading dark spots, and evening out hyper-pigmentation. Lactic acid is also highly antibacterial and naturally hydrating.

Carnosine (L)

A chiral dipeptide, which is an amino acid compound, and antioxidant that promotes cellular renewal and removal of toxins while supporting the immune system. Carnosine has been proven to protect against the degradation of protein, making it a powerful anti-aging ingredient that can protect the skin’s collagen and elastin protein.

Carnitine (L)

A chiral transporter of fatty acids into the mitochondria to support energy production. This ingredient supports increased skin cellular turnover, improved hydration, and helps calm down inflammation, swelling, and puffiness. Carnitine has also been highly prized for its ability to heal scars, smooth wrinkles, and treat sunburn peeling.

Proline (L)

A chiral amino acid with moisturizing and moisture retention properties that improves skin texture supports collagen formation, supports the repair of damaged tissue and promotes healthy connective tissue. People who have trouble healing or who want to delay the signs of aging can greatly benefit from this anti-aging and super healing ingredient. This amino acid has been well-researched and has been proven to help form collagen, heal damaged skin, and nourish dull skin with healthy antioxidants.

Glucosamine HCI (D)

Glucosamine is a chiral precursor to glycosaminoglycans. It’s able to improve the moisture content and hydration in the skin while strengthening connective tissues.

Fructooligosaccharides (D-Beta)

This naturally occurring chiral carbohydrates, which is typically derived from cane or beet sugar, promotes the growth of healthy probiotic bacteria to strengthen skin immunity, balance pH, and clear acne.

Chirally Correct Facial Peel

Rescue Remedy to Finish Each Peel

After application of this peel, your skincare professional will send you home with our Rescue Remedy Balm with advanced actives to soothe and strengthen your post peel skin. This technologically advanced peel is only available through skin care professionals. Contact them directly to inquire about availability and suitability of this treatment for your skin type.

What to Do After a Chemical Face Peel

Post-treatment is key to optimal results. Here’s what to do after your peel.

Try Not to Touch Your Skin

After a peel, your skin’s natural defenses are hard at work to repair and improve the complexion. At this time, your skin is sensitive and should not be touched. Instead, allow your skin to heal itself without getting in its way.

Don’t Use Scalding Hot Water

Overly hot water can irritate and dry out your skin, so be sure to use lukewarm or cool water instead as they are both more gentle and soothing options.

Avoid Aggressive Ingredients

It goes without saying that aggressive ingredients like sulfates should be avoided. This also includes creams that are infused with any synthetic fragrances. In addition, this is not the time to apply any potent ingredients like retinol.

Protect Your Skin

The recovery period after a peel can take up to a month. During this time, your skin is highly sensitive, especially to UV rays. Be sure to coat your face with a thick layer of SPF and reapply every 2 hours. Even if you’re only driving, the sun exposure from the windows may be enough to irritate your skin and cause redness, so be sure to apply sunscreen anytime you leave the house without any exceptions.

Don’t Exfoliate

Be sure to avoid exfoliating ingredients, which includes all acids. Instead, apply gentle cleansers like the Geothermal Clay Cleanser or Mandarin Milk Cleanser which both soothe, nourish, and lightly hydrate while stripping away impurities under your pores.

Keep Your pH Balanced

After the Chirally Correct Peel, it’s essential to keep your acid mantle and pH balanced. This can be more difficult than ever considering the temporarily fragile state of your skin for 3-4 weeks after the peel is performed. While it’s important to avoid harsh ingredients, it’s also just as vital to apply soothing, balancing skincare products to fortify the protective barriers of your epidermis. Our best-seller, DEW, is there to do just that.

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