The holiday season is a time for nights of celebration, social festivities, and indulging in sweet temptations. Unfortunately, more often than not, the morning after a holiday party leaves you waking up with a complexion that lacks luster. Keep reading to learn about the causes behind your winter skin troubles, as well as tried and trusted remedies to get back your glowing skin after a night of holiday reverie.

In this article, you will learn:

  • 3 Reasons Why the Holiday Season Takes a Toll on Skin
    • Holiday Treats
    • Less Time for Self Care
    • Harsh Winter Air
  • How to Get Your Skin Back to Glowing After the Holidays
    • A Good Cleanser
    • A Brightening, Glow-Enhancing Face Mask
    • A pH-Protecting Toner
    • A Hydration Enhancing Serum
    • A Restorative Under Eye Treatment
    • A Cream and Oil to Seal in the Moisture

3 Reasons Why The Holiday Season Takes a Toll on Skin

Ever notice your skin looking less radiant after holiday festivities? Find out which culprit may be behind your lack of luster:

1.   Holiday Treats

‘Tis the season of pie, eggnog, sugar cookies, candied chestnuts, and marshmallow hot chocolate. It’s no surprise that giving in to these sweet temptations may have negative effects on your skin. At the end of the day, sugar is one of your skin’s worst enemies. Eating holiday treats may feel good at the moment, but it comes at the price of inflammation and breakouts, especially for acne-prone skin types. Countless studies have correlated sugar intake with an increase in flare-ups of inflammatory skin concerns like eczema, psoriasis, and rosacea. As if you need another reason to rethink reaching for seconds of holiday cookies, keep in mind that sugar intake can also accelerate the aging process of the skin by breaking down collagen fibers in a process known as glycation.

2.   Less Time for Self Care

The festive season is a time of office parties and holiday dinners. Unfortunately, these fun late nights with friends and family often equate to having less time for self-care. Instead of carrying out your tried and trusted skincare routine before bed, your nonstop holiday schedule may leave you exhausted with less time and energy to fulfill each important step. Remember, consistency is key.

3.   Harsh Winter Air

The sudden drop in temperature during wintertime can wreak havoc on your skin. Not only is the cold air outside dry, but the indoor heaters that are constantly running in every building makes the air even less humid. Suddenly, you may notice that your existing skincare products are not enough to seal in lasting moisture for your skin. During this time of year, it’s essential to add more layers of skincare products to protect your skin’s delicate moisture barrier. It’s not uncommon to experience inflammation in the skin, chronic dryness, irritation, and redness.

So How Do You Get Your Skin Back to Glowing After the Holidays?

Give your complexion some more TLC with the ultimate skincare routine that will instantly take your skin from dull to radiant.

1.   It All Starts with a Good Cleanser

Since skin tends to be on the drier side in the winter, opt for a creamy cleanser to avoid stripping away any more of your skin’s precious hydration and natural oils. The Mandarin Cleansing Milk is infused with a blend of potent antioxidants to go beyond removing impurities. With the help of brightening ingredients like mandarin extract and licorice root, age spots are faded, under-eye circles are brightened, and the skin is rebalanced and protected from environmental stressors. 

2.   Revive Your Skin with a Potent, Regenerative, Brightening, Rejuvenating Mask

A face mask that’s rich in a trio of fruit enzymes, vitamin C, and hyaluronic acid is the key to creating a complexion that’s instantly more radiant. The Fruition Mask contains over 45% real fruit extracts with powerful active compounds that effectively resurface and rejuvenate the skin. Each application works to gently remove dead skin cells and visibly brighten a dull complexion, revealing a healthy, natural glow. The exfoliating properties of the mask also help to increase the absorption of moisture from your skincare products. 

3.   Protect your pH Before All Else

Environmental factors like cold, winter air tend to easily irritate our skin. What’s more, as we stated earlier, indulging in sugar-loaded holiday treats can also cause inflammation to our complexion in the form of acne or even rosacea, among many other symptoms. Applying a daily pH-perfecting toner is the key to maintaining healthy, balanced skin. As studies have demonstrated, a majority of all skin problems occur when the skin’s pH is out of balance. The skin’s acid mantle is its form of natural protection. It’s what’s responsible for retaining nutrients and moisture while shielding away pollution and toxins. If this acid mantle is disrupted for a long period of time, your skin becomes vulnerable to infection, severe dryness, and hypersensitivity. Choosing a pH-balancing toner is a simple solution to keep your pH and acid mantle in a healthy state.

4.   Go the Extra Step with a Serum

A serum is arguably the most potent daily solution to improving any specific skin concern. When it comes to retaining moisture and creating a healthy glow, the ABO +|- Serum contains a high-grade ingredient called salisporene-8 that’s been proven to increase moisture content by 6000%. Choosing a deeply hydrating serum like ABO +|- may be exactly what your skin needs to maintain a bouncy, plump appearance and help you look more awake and healthy.

5.   Don’t Forget the Eyes

From brightening dark circles, to diminishing puffiness after a night of holiday parties, to smoothing fine lines and crow’s feet, a potent eye treatment is an essential step in your skincare routine to help you look more awake and radiant. Dry winter skin under the eyes makes the appearance of fine lines more apparent. Insight Eye Collagen Treatment Masks contain skin-enhancing freeze-dried collagen, which contains the highest concentration of stable collagen on the market. In just 15 minutes, the Eye Collagen Treatment Mask rebuilds skin structure, fills out fine lines and encourages cell renewal to create visibly rejuvenated under-eyes. Afterward, signs of holiday fatigue are diminished and the under eyes feel noticeably more plump, supple, and awake. To seal in deep hydration throughout the wintertime, also apply ABO +|- eye serum morning and night.

6.   Seal in the Results with a Rich Oil or Cream (Or Both!)

The secret to glowing skin lies in perfect hydration. Fight dullness and a lack of luster with a nutrient-dense cream or oil that will work to not just seal in moisture but also to supply your skin with brightening vitamins and compounds. Circcell’s collection offers expertly-formulated, luxury skincare to create deeply hydrated, youthful, glowing skin all year-round.

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