All You Need to Know About the Skincare Benefits of Medical Grade Gas Carriers

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You may have heard about the oxygen-facial trend by now with stars like Madonna, Michelle Williams, and Emma Stone referring to them as the secret to preserving their skin’s youthful complexion.

Most dermatologists can agree that the oxygen facial is worthy of its reputation.  The true secret behind its impressive results is its ability to drive oxygen into the skin, promoting circulation, which revs up the cell's regenerative engine. Receiving oxygen facials from time to time can help the complexion, but true, long term benefits are best achieved through consistent, daily treatment.  For most of us, daily, professional treatments are out of reach and with today's social distancing, in-office treatments are not an option.  There is a way to get these benefits daily through the use of a little known ingredient created during WW II.

In this article, you will learn the skin benefits of gas carriers, their essential role in delaying the signs of aging, and how you can harness the benefits of this class of ingredient in your skincare regimen.

What are Medical Grade Gas Carriers?

This high-tech ingredient was initially created to function as a blood substitute in World War 2. Instead, the end result was essentially a very stable carbon-based compound that contained fluorine atoms.

This liquid-breathing material takes on a similar role to red blood cells by enhancing the delivery of oxygen to cells. When applied topically, they deeply penetrate the skin barrier to deliver oxygen to cells, fortifying cell membranes and significantly promoting healthier skin.

Gas carriers don’t just offer oxygen to the skin, they also ensure there’s a balanced-ratio through something called passive diffusion. In other words, they’re able to promote a state of equilibrium in the skin by moving oxygen from areas of greater concentration to areas of the skin that are lacking it.

Applying these oxygen-enhancing ingredients topically has also been proven to offer significant healing and repairing benefits to scarred and aging skin. Whether it’s with an oxygen facial or high-grade skincare products, it’s an easy way to experience unparalleled anti-aging, wound-healing, and moisture-enhancing benefits. So it’s no surprise that they’ve grown beyond medical applications and into skincare.

What are the Skincare Benefits of Gas Carriers?

In short, these ingredients carry oxygen to cells, allowing the skin to breathe and regulate itself for a healthy, radiant complexion. This also helps the skin retain significantly more moisture and keep the skin looking healthy and hydrated. What’s more, these oxygen-carriers have been proven to enhance the skin’s natural healing process of even the deepest of wounds and diminish the appearance of acne scars. That’s why Circcell harnesses these benefits by infusing it as a key ingredient in our ABO +|- skin and eye serums.

Help the Skin Breathe

By increasing the flow of oxygen to skin cells, gas carriers help the skin breathe optimally and self regulate after being exposed to UV and polluted environments.

One study on aging skin confirmed that one of the inevitable consequences of getting older is that the skin cells receive a reduced supply of nutrients and oxygen. Fortunately, these ingredients have the ability to increase the skin’s lacking supply of oxygen. This means that they can reverse some of the damage of aging and encourage a restored, rejuvenated complexion.

Heal Scars & Wounds

The fact that gas carriers enhance the oxygen-carrying abilities of skin cells is what makes them incredibly effective in wound healing.

Several studies have proven that applying oxygen to wounds can significantly improve healing and even reduce the risks of infection. Since gas carriers have the unique ability to carry more than 49% of their volume in pure oxygen, they’re incredibly effective at healing.

More importantly, Science Daily revealed that gas carriers are also able to activate the cells in the immune system that stimulate the healing process. No wonder they’re so commonly found as an active ingredient in wound-healing treatments. Doctors apply these treatments onto major wounds to speed up the skin’s natural healing process, while many cosmetic surgeons also employ the benefits of these oxygen-carriers to post-op scars.

Dermatologists also use gas carrier-based oxygen therapy to heal acne and acne scars.

Rejuvenate Aging Skin

It turns out that this oxygen-carrier can plump the skin to promote a more youthful complexion thanks to its ability to stimulate the metabolism of skin cells and increase the blood supply to the skin. For the most instant results, dermatologists commonly perform gas carrier oxygen-facials on their patients to visibly restore rejuvenation to aging skin.

Unlike many skincare trends, oxygen skincare has years of evidence to back up the claims. For example, in 2010, there was a Japanese study that exposed hairless mice to heavy UVB radiation and found that the group of mice that were placed in an oxygen chamber developed significantly fewer wrinkles than other groups. Many additional studies have also confirmed the belief that gas carriers can significantly increase collagen production and promote smoother and more supple skin.

How to Harness the Anti-Aging Benefits of Gas Carriers:

While oxygen facials are potent treatments, applying gas carriers to the skin on a consistent basis is truly the best way to get results. To reap the anti-aging benefits, we recommend adding a skincare product to your daily regimen that features this potent oxygen-carrier as a key active ingredient.

These ingredients have even been known to boost SPF performance by balancing the distribution of the active ingredients in sun creams. For optimal sun protection, apply every morning before applying your SPF.

Applying gas carrier-infused skincare can offer everything your skin needs to encourage collagen and elastin production, improving skin renewal and elasticity. Circcell’s ABO +|- face and eye serums harness the benefits of 3 different medical-grade perfluorocarbons that work to:

  • Enhance SPF performance
  • Support cellular respiration
  • Diminish puffiness
  • Increase moisture in the skin
  • Smooth wrinkles and fine lines
  • Stimulate collagen and elastin production
  • Encourage micro-circulation
  • Brighten the complexion
  • Improve blood flow
  • Significantly heal scars and wounds

By incorporating ABO +|- serum into your daily skincare regimen, the potent oxygen-carriers work to improve skin’s natural immunity and resilience, resulting in a complexion that’s visibly more radiant. To offer deep hydration, both ABO +|- eye and face serums are also combined with a high-grade salisporene-8 that increases the moisture content in skin by up to 6000% in four weeks.

So there you have it. Now that you’re an expert in oxygen skincare, try it out at home with the ABO +|- eye serum for a more youthful regard.

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