Benefits of a Healthy Cellular Membrane

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The cell membrane is the heart of every cell, responsible for holding water and oxygen. Once it becomes compromised, cells are no longer able to survive, causing visible signs of skin damage. Unfortunately, factors like age and stress cause skin cells to start deteriorating, causing fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging. 

Thankfully, there’s an easy solution to restrengthening the cells, and it’s all about boosting cellular hydration. By using ingredients like essential fatty acids, the skin is able to resist and reverse the aging process. 

Continue reading to learn about the cell membrane’s role in your skin health and what you can do to maintain healthy skin, starting with the health of your cells.

What Exactly Does the Cellular Membrane Do?

The cell membrane is a double layer of lipids and proteins that has many essential responsibilities, including:

  • Creates a Structure For Every Cell

Cell membranes offer a pathway inside each cell to enable them to perform their unique function correctly, such as making or stopping the production of collagen protein to maintain youthful, supple skin.

  • Regulates What Enters and Leaves

The cellular membrane is incredibly selective of what it allows to freely enter and exit through it. This includes oxygen and water since these specific cells are what carry out metabolic functions like cellular respiration. Carbon dioxide is a byproduct of these functions, meaning it’s also able to pass through the membrane. 

  • Communicates Actions To Other Molecules

The cell membrane signals specific actions to cells and leads communication between cells. 

To sum it up, a healthy cell membrane is at the heart of every healthy skin cell.

What Causes Cell Membrane Damage?

Unsurprisingly, age is the most common cause of damage to the cell membrane

But there are other factors besides getting older that can contribute to weakening the cellular membrane, many of which are treatable. These include:

  • Sun exposure
  • Persistent stress
  • Lack of sleep
  • Disease
  • Dehydration 
  • Poor diet and malnutrition 
  • Chronic inflammation  

    What Happens When the Cell Membrane is Damaged?

    Think about a baby’s skin that’s soft, plump, firm, and full of hydration. As it turns out, hydration retention is one of the largest differences with our skin as we age. Once we get older, our skin cells lose their ability to hold water, which is when the signs of aging begin appearing. 

    The fact is, the older we get, the less our cells are able to retain moisture. In other words, the key measure of skin health is the cell’s ability to hold water. Once there’s no more water in the membrane, the entire cell becomes compromised and starts to die. Using the right skincare products is the recipe to strengthen cells and enable them to retain water. 

    Cell membranes damage can also impact cell turnover. As we know, cell turnover is when older skin cells are sloughed off and replaced by newer, healthier cells. However, the more damaged the cell membranes become, the less they are able to signal to other cells to continue the process of turnover, eventually leaving us all with thinner, more fragile, visibly aged skin.

    What is the Best Ingredient to Promote a Healthier Cellular Membrane? 

    Hydrating your skin at a cellular level is the single most important thing you can do to maintain a youthful complexion. 

    When it comes to skincare, the secret to unaged skin is applying hydrators like essential fatty acids to strengthen the skin's barrier and help build strong cell membranes. 

    Using skincare products infused with essential fatty acids is known to: 

    • Boost cellular hydration to prevent and reverse skin aging
    • Protect against toxins, pollution, and UV exposure
    • Combat chronic dryness, flakiness, and scaly skin
    • Treat fine lines and wrinkles by plumping the skin 
    • Replenish the skin cells’ lipids to improve moisture retention 
    • Helping the cells fortify the skin barrier to shield against free radicals

    The Circcell recipe includes a combination of active hydrators, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatories that effectively target skin concerns while enhancing overall skin health. Circcell’s skincare works beyond the surface to increase cellular hydration and offer a more rejuvenated, noticeably radiant complexion.

    Fermented Oils for Healthy Skin Cells

    To help you achieve healthy, balanced skin, our range includes unique face oil blends created with a base formula of essential fatty acids. We allow our high-grade oils to undergo fermentation for the added skincare benefits. The fermentation process we use for our oil blends increases the essential fatty acid content of the oils to support cellular membrane health.  

    By reducing the molecular size of the oil, it’s also able to penetrate the skin much more deeply. What’s more, fermentation increases the number of fatty acids present in the oil to provide long-lasting hydration and repair for healthy skin. 

    With different blends designed for each unique skin type, we at Circcell make it easier to nourish the cell membrane of skin cells, which is at the heart of every healthy skin cell. The result is a radiant, bouncy complexion that’s noticeably brighter, more hydrated, and dewy.

    Nancy’s Blend:

    This is the ideal facial oil to promote healthy, balanced skin that’s alleviated of sensitivity. Nancy’s Blend features carefully-sourced botanical oils like fermented argan oil to promote a healthy cellular membrane and strong skin barrier that can prevent future irritation. Chamomile, geranium, and lavender flowers are also infused to calm irritability, soothe redness, and promote healing.

    Jacqueline’s Blend:

    oils for skincareJacqueline’s Blend features a potent mix of deeply rejuvenating and brightening ingredients like vitamin C, rose, and jasmine essential oil to target signs of aging for a firmer, more youthful appearance. Each application addresses hyperpigmentation, unevenness, dryness, and helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines by plumping the skin with deep hydration. This oil also includes fermented olive oil to support cell membrane health with a rich dose of essential fatty acids. 

    Wooshie’s Blend:

    Those with oily or problematic skin types can benefit from Wooshie’s Blend. Each drop of this blend is infused with fermented olive oil and a list of active ingredients that are known for their rebalancing, irritation soothing, acne clearing, and repairing effects. Applying Wooshie’s Blend offers the skin astringent properties from ingredients like tea tree and neroli to prevent future breakouts, while potent manuka honey and vetiver work to soothe and heal.  Shop all the oils blends here.

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