How to Enhance Your Fall Skincare Routine

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As the seasons change, so does the state of your skin. Once fall arrives, it’s common to experience some noticeable reactions with your complexion due to the transition from warm, humid air to a much cooler, dry climate.

Continue reading this article to learn how to enhance your fall skincare routine to ward off the negative skin effects brought on from the changes in the weather.

Do You Need to Change Your Skincare Routine in the Fall?

Post-summer days may save our skin with less sun exposure and UV damage, but they can also begin to dry it out with the new temperature changes. This makes sense, considering the summer months tend to have more humidity in the air, which helps the skin to retain more moisture.

Once fall time approaches, the dramatic decrease in humidity can cause our skin to react unfavorably. Suddenly, the air is drier, the heaters are turned on, causing a fair share of unwanted side effects, like:

fall skin care products
  • Rough, dried-out skin
  • Disrupted pH balance
  • Fragile skin barrier
  • Irritation-prone skin
  • Increased sensitivity

Adjusting your skin routine for fall is essential in order to keep your skin healthy and radiant.

Here are our crucial skincare tips that can save your complexion this autumn:

Add Soothing Ingredients to Your Routine During Transitional Seasons

Cooler temperatures and drier air can leave you with skin that’s prone to irritation and over-sensitivity to external factors. Those who already have sensitive skin or suffer from skin concerns like psoriasis and rosacea may notice increased discomfort during the transition of seasons.

When the climate begins to feel too harsh for your complexion, it’s essential to accommodate your skin with ingredients like calming chamomile, redness-reducing geranium, ultra-soothing lavender, and irritation-protecting gorgonian extract like Nancy’s Blend Luxury Face Oil.

Switch to a Thicker Moisturizer to Your Skincare Routine

Just as we get used to adopting a lighter skincare routine, the crispy-cool autumn temperatures and constantly-running heaters take their toll on our skin by stripping it away from some much-needed hydration.

Upgrading your skincare routine for fall means upping your dose of hydration to compensate for the change in the climate. By adding a heavier layer of moisture on the complexion, hydration is restored and the skin barrier is also able to better defend itself against environmental threats.

For the ultimate surge of hydration, Moisture Shield contains an expertly-formulated blend of skin-plumping hyaluronic acid, healing vitamin E, and an olive-sourced squalene to retain the skin barrier’s moisture mantle.

Don’t Skip the Eye Serum

The cooler weather dries out your whole face and creates dryness and dullness around the under eyes that can make the entire complexion look tired.

Fortunately, a little eye serum can go a long way, effectively plumping this delicate area with a surge of hydration to help you look well-rested and radiant. The silky-gel ABO +|- Eye Serum is infused with the carefully-selected blend of scientifically-proven ingredients like salisporene-8 that work to enhance the moisture content around the under-eyes by 6000% in under four weeks.

Add Vitamin C To Your Regimen

The constant UV exposure in the summertime requires us to dial back on the use of photosensitive skincare ingredients that can cause mild irritation in the light. The prolonged-sun exposure also means it isn’t as safe to exfoliate often or do any chemical peels, which can thin our skin barrier and therefore leave it more vulnerable to UV radiation.

In contrast, upgrading your fall skincare routine allows you the opportunity to apply more potent powerhouse ingredients like vitamin C to deeply repair, brighten, and enhance the complexion.

Vitamin C Ampoules are one of the most potent solutions you can apply to your skin thanks to its unique ability to increase collagen, restore youthful elasticity, and create a bouncy, supple complexion. Vitamin C Ampoules makes it possible to correct the effects of hours of the summer sun, including free radical damage, by diminishing the appearance of dark spots, addressing hyperpigmentation, and creating a noticeable natural glow.

Protect Your pH

The more the weather cools down, the more likely you’ll be turning on your heaters which are known to dry out the skin, weakening the skin barrier and leaving the skin’s most protective layer, known as the acid mantle, prone to pH disruption.

The pH scale ranges from 1 to 14, with 1 being the most acidic, and 14 being the most alkaline. The skin’s acid mantle falls naturally on the slightly acidic end of the spectrum, with 5.5 being the optimal sign of a healthy pH.

Unfortunately, once the pH is out of balance, the skin immediately loses its effectiveness to properly protect the skin and regulate normal skin functions.

As a result, some common side effects of a disrupted pH are:


  • Eczema
  • Rosacea
  • Dermatitis
  • Redness
  • Itchiness
  • Discomfort
  • Inability to retain moisture
  • Increased irritation and over-sensitivity
  • Weakened ability to fight bacteria and free radicals
  • Vulnerability to environmental factors like UV and pollution

Adding a pH-balancing toner like the Dew pH Perfector may be the best thing you can do to promote healthy skin that’s able to retain more moisture and nutrients.

Dew works as both a perfecting primer and hydrating serum that’s able to restore harmony to troubled skin with its rich complex of complexion-enhancing amino acids, rejuvenating lactic acid and healing botanicals. With each application, the skin’s delicate pH is balanced, pores are visibly more refined, and radiance is restored.

Use a Weekly Face Mask

A new season is also a time of renewal for your complexion, which is just another reason to enhance your fall skincare routine to help you to shed the summer skin and start anew.

Applying a brightening product like the Fruition Mask can be the solution to gently exfoliate the complexion and reveal a refreshed and radiant appearance.

The Fruition Brightening and Polishing Fruit Mask’s high-grade formula contains potent enzymes from orange, mango, passion fruit, papaya, pink grapefruit and lemon that deeply penetrate the complexion and reveal visible results in just minutes. Each application also works to even skin pigmentation, which helps to boost collagen production resulting in a brighter complexion.

For the ultimate fall skincare collection, shop Circcell’s luxury selection, the Sensitive Skincare Regimen, which contains the Geothermal Clay Cleanser, Dew pH Perfector, ABO Eye Serum, ABO Face Serum,Moisture Shield and the Extraordinary Face Oil for Healing/Sensitive Skin.

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