3 Summery Ways to Luxuriate for Gorgeous Skin

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Whether you’re heading off to the Hamptons or to your annual family camping trip, summer has a way of changing the atmosphere that surrounds us. We become more lighthearted, active and bliss-seeking. But with all the wonders of summer also comes stronger UV rays and heat, which will likely affect your skin. So aside from switching to lighter products appropriate for your skin type and climate (perhaps you’ll want to add a few drops of our Extraordinary Face Oil for Oily/Problematic Skin to your moisturizer to be extra cautious of blemishes!), you can also continue luxuriating in self-love activities to help your skin stay strong and supple from the inside out. 1. Make your own fresh spa water Summer gifts us with the juiciest seasonal fruits, so stock up on your skin-loving, antioxidant-filled fruits. Berries (particularly blueberries and blackberries) are known to have the highest antioxidant benefits. If you don’t have access to a farm, that’s what the local farmer’s market is for!  “Steep” these amazing fruits in fresh water overnight to create your own spa water for hot, outdoorsy days relaxing on a hammock. 2. Swim in a lake or do yoga on the beach Nature and movement together creates the perfect scenario for glowing skin. Spending time in nature has been studied for its mind-boosting effects, which in turn reduces stress for happy skin, while exercise in any form will help stimulate circulation and lymphatic drainage. Just remember to apply a proper amount of sunscreen before you head out and take care of your skin by cleansing, nourishing and moisturizing it immediately after contact with the environment. YOGA

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3. For when it’s too hot: Treat yourself at your at-home spa Sometimes, staying indoors is a luxury in itself, especially if you’re in an area that’s extra hot or humid. Here’s how to do it: Close the bathroom door so you can retreat peacefully and ensure alone time. Draw yourself a bath and add 3-5 drops of your favorite essential oil in the water. Try lavender for relaxation, lemongrass to uplift or rose for a romantic aroma. You can add bubbles if you desire. Add candles around the perimeter (just make sure there’s ample room and that it’s safe) Before getting into the tub, cleanse your face with our Mandarin Cleanser, dab on DEW Perfecting Toner, then apply the Red Algae Clarifying Masque. Leave enough room for your eye area, where you’ll put on two Collagen Build 97(™) Eye Treatment Masks to depuff and restore the windows to your soul. Get into the tub, close your eyes and breathe deeply for about 20 minutes.

After your restful bath, apply Vitamin C Ampoules to your skin after rinsing the mask away give your skin the extra boost it needs to defend itself from the summer sun.

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Remember, when you travel for the summer, make sure you take your best skin with you by carrying with you a TSA-friendly products that will help you look amazing as you jetset! Circcell’s Deluxe Weekend Kit contains everything you need to hydrate beautifully, protect yourself from the harshest environmental elements and glow on from departure to landing.    

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