How to Perform Facial Yoga to Lift and Brighten Your Eyes

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At Circcell, we firmly believe skincare is more than a twice-a-day process -- it is a luxurious self-care ritual. This is why we believe using formulas that look and feel as amazing as they make your skin look will transform your entire skincare experience and produce the best results. In addition to high-quality skincare, you can up the ante by incorporating exercises such as facial yoga into your routine. Facial yoga is a relatively new concept, but it is known to help firm, lift and reduce wrinkles by increasing circulation and oxygen to your skin cells, not to mention encourage collagen and elastic stimulation. The result? A gorgeous glow and smooth, firmer-looking skin. We’ve developed several facial yoga routines to help you tone, detoxify and deeply hydrate your skin as you use our state-of-the-art formulas. Today, we will focus on facial yoga for the eyes. This routine, over time, will help lift and firm the delicate eye area. HOW TO PERFORM FACIAL YOGA FOR YOUR EYES Before your facial yoga workout, you will begin by detoxifying and oxygenating your skin to reap the maximum benefits. 1) To best prepare your skin, cleanse with Circcell Geothermal Clay Cleanser.  The mineral-rich clays will begin to detoxify your skin while the natural oils deeply hydrate. 2) Apply one Collagen Build 97(™) Eye Treatment Mask under each eye to plump up fine lines and wrinkles. Leave on for 15-20 minutes. This mask delivers pure collagen and peptides upon activation. Remove. 3) Now you are ready to perform facial yoga.   a) Close your fists while holding your thumbs upright. b) Gently start moving your thumbs around with gentle pressure to make a circle around the eyes. c) Repeat this for up to 3 minutes. [youtube] 4) After you’re done, apply a light layer of ABO +/- Eye Gel around your eyes.  This oxygen-rich formulation is a kind of “topical oxygen” for your skin that will help to lift and firm your skin alongside each facial pose. Stick with this routine every week and you will see a difference in the windows to your soul!

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