Why Your Skin Needs Vitamin C

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Mandarin Cleanser, VitC Ampules and Antiageing Oil. If beautiful, youthfully resilient skin is your wish, Vitamin C is the answer. One of the very few skincare ingredients that has been studied time and again for its extreme effectiveness against aging, vitamin C is best known credited with protecting skin from free radicals, the unstable molecules that cause a cascade of negative reactions in your skin and promote premature aging, dullness, discoloration and other unwelcome signs of unhealthy skin. Free radicals are caused by a variety of factors, some of which you cannot control, including genetics, UV ray exposure, poor diet, stress, smoking, pollution and even what you’re using on your skin. Without neutralizing the resulting damage, these pesky molecules continue to wreak havoc on your skin. This is where vitamin C comes in. By consistently incorporating it to your skincare regimen, you not only combat the free radicals, but also:
  • Enhance the effectiveness of your sunscreen for improved UV protection
  • Reduce the appearance of dark spots
  • Help boost collagen production for firmer skin
  • Lower of the amount of inflammation
  • Help skin become stronger to heal itself
We consider vitamin C an indispensable element to a daily skincare routine. Let’s take a look at the three products with vitamin C properties to help you glow and glow! Vitamin C Ampoules Vitamin C Ampoules are single-use capsules that contain maximum potency and gets you significant protection against free radicals. With three forms of vitamin C, you get a blend of antioxidants and biopeptides that will minimize the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines -- not to mention it protects the skin from the visible effects caused from environmental and sun damage. The vitamin E in the Vitamin C Ampoules also helps boost antioxidant activity. When used regularly, this product firms the skin and enhances elasticity. Extraordinary Face Oil for Anti-Aging The Extraordinary Face Oil for Anti-Aging offers an experience that’s completely different from any other face oils. It features a cutting-edge oil fermentation technology designed to increase production of the free fatty acids in the oil. The Extraordinary Face Oil also uses pure botanical oils, which were sourced meticulously by our founder, to help fight signs of aging. This face oil enables you to preserve your skin’s elasticity and suppleness, while improving the appearance of any discoloration. Mandarin Cleanser The Mandarin Cleanser contains anti-inflammatory, brightening and antioxidant properties. In the cleanser, you’ll find essential oils of mandarin, grapefruit, lemon as well as vitamin C and aloe vera. This unique cleanser helps remove the most stubborn of makeup and particulates to reveal a perfectly balanced, soft and refreshed complexion, but thanks to vitamin C it also infuses antioxidant protection into your cleansing ritual.

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