The Truth About Facial Cleansers

Geothermal Clay Cleanser

Understandably so, there is some debate around the value of investing in a facial cleanser. People wonder how something that only stays on your face for fewer than 30 seconds could be worth more than several dollars. And that’s a very legitimate thought!   We believe that since cleansing your skin is beyond important for gorgeously youthful, clear and radiant skin, you better make those 30 seconds really count by using a thoughtfully formulated blend that works hard to combat all the reasons why you need to cleanse in the first place. i-nWBVGzF-M Here are the top 4 reasons why cleansing is important. And remember, just like a serum or moisturizer, it’s important to find a cleanser that was made to maximize your time over the sink!
  1.    Clean skin is more receptive to other anti-aging treatments. Okay, so it’s true that cleansing your face alone may not combat the effects of anti-aging, such as the development of uneven skin tone and wrinkles. However, at night, blood flow in your skin is increased, which means your skin is more receptive to absorption and penetration of other anti-aging ingredients. Without a nighttime cleansing to remove dirt, oil, makeup and other unwanted grime from your face, you’re missing an opportunity to properly care for your skin.
  2.    Skin needs recovery time at night. By removing the day’s debris and environmental pollutants, your skin can get the oxygen it needs to repair itself overnight. Nighttime cleansing also prevents clogged pores. Leaving makeup (and other irritants) on the surface of your skin can lead to inflammation, which can result in free radical production and collagen breakdown. Lesson learned: Clean skin = breathable skin!
  3.    Nighttime cleansing prevents skin dehydration. The temperature of your skin rises in the evening, which can lead to transepidermal water loss. Without properly cleansing your skin, the use of moisturizer to rehydrate your skin overnight won’t have much effect since moisture can’t penetrate deeply into blocked pores.
  4.    Morning cleansing helps remove excess oil. Oil has a tendency to accumulate on your skin overnight, so a morning cleanse not only removes the extra oil, but also helps prepare your skin for your morning makeup routine. Give it a try consistently for a couple weeks and watch how well your foundation glides on!
Another important tip: Use a mild cleanser--and don’t over-scrub! You might think the tingling feeling your facial cleanser is giving you means that it’s working hard to remove dirt and debris, but actually, you may be drying out or damaging your skin. Scrubbing your face too excessively to remove dirt can also have the same over-drying effect. A gentle cleansing is all you need before proceeding with your skin care routine. Circ-Cell’s Geothermal Clay Cleanser is a natural cleanser for all skin types. Its base is half-oil and half-clay (derived from the Arctic Circle), working together to extract dirt and makeup and dissolve impurities--all without disrupting the skin’s natural moisturizing oils. After use, your skin looks and feels clean and hydrated. And it’ll be receptive to the other anti-aging treatments, like serums or moisturizers, that are part of your daily or nightly routine.   Plus, it’s the best way to begin and end your day.

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