Product Spotlight: Crème E.R.3. For the Balanced Skin You Had in Your Youth

Creme E.R.3

You’ve heard the saying, “Life is all about balance.” Whether it is work-life balance, eating a balanced diet, or balancing your checkbook, one thing is certain: maintaining balance promotes a healthy lifestyle. Unsurprisingly, skin needs that same TLC in order to maintain a healthy equilibrium. When you are young, your skin is in perfect balance. As you age--and your body chemistry changes--your skin’s equilibrium becomes off-balance, resulting in dry, lackluster skin. To return your skin to its natural equilibrium, try Crème E.R.3. to intensely hydrate and visibly firm skin. How does it work? Crème E.R.3. mirrors your body’s chemistry perfectly to reduce the signs of anti-aging. With handpicked ingredients like wild yam, non-GMO soy, and key peptides, the E.R.3. fortifies dull skin to bring it back to its healthy, homeostatic equilibrium. Let’s take a closer look at the individual benefits of this healthy concoction: i-hPc7j63-M  
  • Wild yam contains an ingredient called diosgenin, which helps reduce signs of aging. In fact, wild yam reduces the visible depth of wrinkles by 29% in 28 days. Another study concluded that diosgenin could help inhibit hyperpigmentation in skin.
  • Non-GMO soy binds with age-related receptors to keep skin evenly toned, as well as reduce the appearance of blotches, redness, and fine lines.
  • Peptides, such as Nanolipo hGH, are responsible for a 30-fold increase in lipid content, as well as supporting the appearance of youthful skin.
To be certain of its effectiveness, Crème E.R.3. was tested in harsh environments--both hot and cold--and was found to seamlessly maintain skin’s balance, keeping skin nourished, firm, and smooth. Our customers seem to agree! One writes: “Living in two very different climates can be a killer on my skin’s balance. One place is extremely hot & HUMID and the other is dry and cold. Since I began using this product, my skin feels soft, smooth, and clean no matter where I am. It’s never sticky (when I’m in the humidity) and it protects my skin in the cold but isn’t too heavy in the heat…” No matter your age or what type of climate you live in, Creme E.R.3. can help keep the balance in your healthy-looking skin. Try it out here.

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