Product Spotlight: Extraordinary Face Oil for Sensitive Skin (Nancy's Blend)

Extraordinary Face Oil

Some of us have sensitive skin by nature, while others only experience redness, dryness and irritation when faced with harsh weather, dry plane cabins or facial procedures. Either way, nobody is immune -- and we must all be prepared to bathe our skin with extra healing nourishment at any given day.

Circcell’s Extraordinary Face Oil for Healing/Sensitive Skin was created just for this reason. One of the many fantastic aspects of oils are their versatility. In the case of skin in need of some extra healing, you can apply it pure or mix in a few drops into your moisturizer or serum.

This oil, also called Nancy’s Blend, contains three calming ingredients, Chamomile, Lavender, and Gorgonian, and features a cutting-edge oil fermentation process that increases the production of free fatty acids that skin needs for a healthy, youthful appearance. The formula is gentle, extremely hydrating and visibly reduces redness while restoring strong, healthy skin. Here are some other key ingredients in Nancy’s Blend:

  • fermented argan oil: restores moisture and promotes healthy skin

  • marine-derived gorgonian extract: visibly reduces redness, soothes skin and prevents visible signs of aging

  • sunflower seed oil: rich with vitamin E with purifying and soothing properties

  • essential oils of chamomile, lavender, and geranium: soothes skin

The oil smells just wonderful and feels like silk without feeling heavy or greasy. No matter how strong the winds are this winter, protect your delicate skin with Nancy’s Blend!

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