Product Spotlight: Deluxe Weekend Kit (Just In Time for Travel Season)

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Circcell’s skincare formulas produce noticeable results on their own in a matter of days (or some customers say even minutes), but they work best when used together. Like many things in life, they are greater as a whole than the sum of their parts! 28c_Blog_Product Spotlight If you want to try all of the most popular Circcell products, the Deluxe Weekend Kit (valued at $100 -- but yours for $35) is a great way to do so. And the best part? Everything is travel-sized, so you can take it with you on your next trip for the most glamorous getaway ever. Here’s what this new kit includes: Geothermal Clay Cleanser This gentle cleanser detoxifies skin with luxuriously moisturizing meadowfoam seed oil and geothermal clay. Airplane travel draws moisture from the skin because recycled cabin air is incredibly dry. This hardworking cleanser extracts impurities, including dirt and makeup, while keeping the skin’s natural hydration in tact, so you’re free to use it the morning of or during your flight without worrying about your jetsetting journey stripping your skin of its delicate moisture balance. And of course, while you’re at your destination, continue cleansing to start each day and night anew (this cleanser works well in all climates). Dew pH Perfector This pH perfector balances pH levels in the skin using lactic acid, and the 10 amino acids it contains moisturize skin from within. It soothes redness and minimizes pores, whether you use it as a primer or final step. ABO +|- Serum Traveling can be stressful on skin, but this serum doesn’t let it show. It contains oxygen-rich ingredients and algae that nourish skin and combat the visible signs of stress and aging, including fine lines, wrinkles, sagging, and uneven skin tones. Crème E.R.3   This face cream contains wild yam and non-GMO soy, which keep skin firm and flawless. Follow the Geothermal Clay Cleanser and ABO +|- Serum with this deeply moisturizing formula for smooth, hydrated skin all day long. Vitamin C Ampoules Perfect for traveling, especially in warmer climates, Vitamin C Ampoules contain three different forms of vitamin C that combat the visible effects of sun damage. These single-use capsules prevent oxygen exposure, which means every application delivers a potent punch of vitamins. Wash skin thoroughly with the Geothermal Clay Cleanser before applying, and your face will be glowing well into the evening’s excursions. Dramatic Lightening Potion There’s no need to duck every time you see a camera on your trip thanks to our Dramatic Lighting Potion. It contains seven lightening ingredients that visibly improve the appearance of dark spots and uneven skin tones. It also happens to be effective immediately, because it diffuses light upon application. Follow lightening potion with the Dew pH Perfector, and your skin will appear radiant and dewy in every photograph you take.   Extraordinary Face Oil – Jacqueline’s Blend Unlike traditional face oils, this oil features fermentation technology that increases its production of fatty acids. More fatty acids means fewer lines and wrinkles. This face oil is the perfect complement to Crème E.R.3, especially while traveling. Simply apply it last before you get on a plane to retain moisture in your skin for the duration of the flight. With these seven items, the Deluxe Weekend Kit has a retail value of $92. It’s the perfect accompaniment on your next trip, and it’s a great way to try some of Circcell’s most popular products.  

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