Interview With Ashely Fultz - LA Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger

Ashley is the former Fashion and Lifestyle Producer at E! News who is now a full-time blogger at  She writes about personal style, beauty trends, baby must-haves and travel on her blog through posts and original video content.  She is also a TV Style Expert sharing her fashion and beauty tips and tricks on camera. The Kentucky native resides in Los Angeles with her husband and their newborn son, Smith. Screen Shot 2016-05-08 at 9.55.41 PM —Springtime is best known for "spring cleaning" -- what do you do to spring clean your skin?  I love getting a facial as the weather outside changes because my skin really changes every season.  After that I try to exfoliate and use masks to keep my skin hydrated after the winter season.   —Now that the dry, cold winter is (mostly) out of the way, what changes do you make to your skincare and beauty routine?  I keep my general skincare routine pretty much the same year around, but I definitely use a lighter moisturizer as the weather warms up and I am not having to load up on lip balm as much!  I also am even more vigilant about applying sunscreen because I know I’ll be spending more time outside as the weather gets nicer. —What stays exactly the same? In other words, what do you do year round that's non-negotiable?  I always take off my makeup every night, apply serum and a moisturizer every night and every morning.   —What other things do you do in your day-to-day life to maintain a healthy glow? This can include things like your exercise routine, meditation, breathing exercises, whatever you want!  I make sure to stay hydrated and to keep my skin moisturized to make my skin glow.  I also use an exfoliator one or twice a week to remove any dead skin.  I also try to stay away from fried foods and sweets and limit my alcohol intake to keep my skin looking good. —What are the mistakes or misconceptions people have about great skin?  I think a lot of great skin is hereditary and the other part is knowing whatever you put in your mouth can affect what you skin looks like.   —And of course, what Circ Cell skincare products have you used, and why did you love them? How do you incorporate them into your routine?  I love the Circ Cell [ABO] serum.  It is moisturizing and lightweight at the same time and not sticky.  I use this before I apply my moisturizer both morning and night. I love that it reduces fine lines and wrinkles and helps keep you skin firm. As a new mom I am very appreciative of that! —Do you have any tips or tricks using Circ Cell products?  I would say be consistent with your Circ Cell cleanser, serum and moisturizer to really let them work they way they are supposed to.

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