Product Spotlight: Crème E.R.3.

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Young skin is in perfect balance. As we age, however, our body chemistry changes and we begin to lose our skin’s equilibrium. Age-related imbalances in combination with environmental damage can often result in a dry, lackluster complexion.

This is a very common skin concern. Fortunately, we have developed a winning solution: Crème E.R.3. 

Firming Moisturizer. Crème E.R.3. is a perfectly balanced firming moisturizer that mirrors the body’s chemistry to support healthy, homeostatic equilibrium. T

he formula is a blend of non-GMO soy which binds with key age-related receptors to keep the skin visibly toned; wild yam to reduce the visible depths of wrinkles by as much as 29% after only 28 days of continuous use; and nanolipo hGH, which is a key peptide that provides a 30-fold increase in lipid content and supports youthful skin function.

Crème E.R.3. works to smooth fine lines and wrinkles and support firmness and elasticity, while deeply hydrating the skin. It does an incredible job of balancing and fortifying depleted skin for intensive and visible anti-aging correction. You simply apply a nickel-sized amount of the product to your cleansed face and neck once or twice each day.

If you opt to use it in the morning, follow up with sun protection such as our Moisture Shield. The firming moisturizer can also be used as a night cream.

Day and night, remember that you should begin all your beauty routines with DEW Hydrating pH Perfector to ensure your skin is ideally balanced and ready to absorb the luxurious, high-performance treatments to follow.

It doesn’t take long to see noticeable, lasting results in the overall look and feel of your complexion after incorporating Crème ER3 into your skincare routine. And, because this firming moisturizer is suitable for aging, dry, oily, sensitive and combination skin, everyone can reap the rewards of this treatment.

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