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The Well Spa at the extraordinary Clerkenwell London has chosen to incorporate Circcell into their transformative facial treatments as well as offer our line of homecare products to their patrons. We spoke to Rachael Collins, Brand Development Manager at The Well, to learn more about The Well experience as well as her expert tips on living a balanced, beautiful life.

We’re so humbled and honored you’ve chosen to incorporate Circcell at The Well. What inspired you to pursue this collaboration?

I came across Circcell whilst doing some online research. I was on the hunt for the best hydration serum to complement our LED treatments. Luckily, I came across the ABO+/-  Serum -- and I knew I had to have it!  

When I got in touch with Maya [Circcell's Founder and CEO] and Amanda [Circcell's Director of Training and Education], I got in-depth insight to all the products which made me fall in love with the brand even more. Maya sent me some products to try and the collaboration happened very quickly after. It was hard not to commit to Circcell after seeing the positive changes in my skin in such a short time.

At Clerkenwell London we believe that Circcell is a perfect fit. Circcell is a truly crafted product relevant to connoisseurs of good taste and quality.

Clerkenwell London and The Well Spa Circcell

Clerkenwell London is amazing at curating and showcasing authentic, creative niche brands and items that are shrouded in meaning and dripping with style. It’s so alluring. How did you take those ideas into consideration as you were developing your spa?

 We wanted to create an urban spa that was unique in keeping with our overall ethos and aesthetic. The vision for The Well is to keep everything changing and evolving with beautifully curated products and enriching stories, just like the rest of Clerkenwell London.

Again, we're so thrilled to be a part of it! Now let's get into skincare and your spa! What do you want each and every person to feel like when they leave The Well?

Being from Ireland I have always been surrounded by open, friendly and very tactile people. I myself have always been complimented on my ability to make anyone feel at ease and most importantly, make them laugh. The team at The Well are a reflection of this and when our clients leave, I want them to feel happy, rejuvenated, at home, inspired and wowed! Housed within Clerkenwell London, we want the whole space to feel like a home away from home with a personable team, welcoming atmosphere and an inviting selection of seating and artwork across the space.

Clerkenwell London and The Well Spa Circcell

The spa experience is just that -- an experience. But oftentimes, women tend to go in and out of the spa to achieve one or two goals, whether that’s getting a spray tan or a facial. What is your philosophy on allotting precious time at the spa and how that can impact overall wellbeing?

Our philosophy here at The Well is to make wellness a routine rather than a luxury. So many people have a couple of massages or facials a year! I like to educate clients on the importance of all of these treatments inside and out. Being placed within a multi-sensory concept store, most often our clients remain in the space for longer than intended. The temptation of our crafted cocktails and food at 155 Bar & Kitchen as well as the retail delights on the ground floor can turn an hour into a whole day at Clerkenwell London.

At Circcell we are all about balance. What is your philosophy on balance -- and how do you achieve it every day of your life?

Honestly, I’m quite an all-or-nothing person; however in saying that, I do believe balance is a necessity.  I tend to apply an 80%-20% rule on things: 80% healthy eating, exercise and downtime and 20% doing the things I want when I want them! I believe in living life to the fullest but listening to your body whilst doing so. Your skin is the biggest communicator in letting us know when too much fullness is present in your life!

As we're a skincare company and you help run one of the most exquisite spas, we have to ask: What are your secrets to gorgeous skin?

I believe that a gorgeous complexion comes from the inside out. I try to maintain a healthy lifestyle alongside using active ingredients. In my beauty bag I have an AHA [alpha hydroxy acid] cream, a powerful antioxidant serum and sunscreen. I also am guilty of having multiple LED light therapy facials. Each 20-minute treatment really does leave you with a noticeably glowing complexion.

How do you extend the luxury spa experience to your clients' home practice?

Education and communication is key. I always like to send clients home a little wiser than when they walked in. I always discuss wellbeing in and out and elimination of foods or products (if necessary). All clients have a personalised homecare plan -- I write step-by-step instructions in their Well Wallets, which is a handy little book to take home explain the ABCs!

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