How We Keep Our Skincare Clean and Sanitary At All Times

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Have you ever noticed that Circcell formulas don’t come in jars with spatulas? That’s because we’re as serious about sanitation and hygiene as we are with gorgeous skin.

By housing our blends in bottles with pumps, your skincare won’t come in contact with oxygen, which can quickly degrade active ingredients (and these are the ones you want working well to see firm, glowing skin!).

This way, your skincare sustains its maximum effectiveness for as long as possible. On the flip side, if your skincare is in jars with screw-on lids, you’d allow the entire product to be exposed to more air and light than necessary not to mention bacteria, especially from your hands, from daily contact. Plus, on nights when you can’t get your head on a pillow soon enough, it’s easy not to twist the lid back on as thoroughly as you need to, allowing potential dust and dirt to get in. (Yes, even though your bathroom may look pristine, potential skincare destroyers lurk all around.)

We took it a step further with our Vitamin C Ampoules.

You’ll see that they’re stored in single-use, biodegradable capsules -- this is because vitamin C oxidizes almost immediately.

If your vitamin C is constantly exposed to air, even if it’s mere seconds at a time, over a period it will become less and less potent. By using only the product inside the capsules the moment you’re ready to use it, you’ll be reaping the highest level of benefit possible.

To make sure your skincare is in tip-top shape, use them regularly to ensure you don’t inadvertently keep a single bottle for over a year.

Generally, it’s good to switch every six months or so. You’ll notice a change in smell and texture if your skincare is really about to go bad, but we highly suggest you don’t let it get to that point. At Circcell, we believe in superior-quality ingredients and high-tech formulations so you can enjoy the most beautiful skin possible. Part of that means making sure our elixirs are housed in the safest environment!

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