6 Products Every Woman Needs in the Bathroom (Aside From Circcell)

The next best thing to a spa day is a relaxing, candle-lit bath at home where your mind can soak in the peace and your skin can soak in the steam. But to mimic your Four Seasons experience as much as possible, you’ll need the right luxury products to whisk you away into a space of bliss. The only thing missing will be a masseuse!

Here are 6 products we recommend you keep in your bathroom for on-call rejuvenation:

Alice Lane Black Spruce & Juniper Bath Salts

The best bath salts not only inspire your olfactory senses but helps nourish your skin from outside in. This gorgeous blend of therapeutic sea salts, epsom salt, and essential oils contains trace minerals, like iodine and magnesium (two nutrients that most Americans need more of), to help detoxify and soothe muscles. The best part? The woodsy scent will transport you to the lush forest right inside your own tub.

Jo Malone Red Roses Bath Oil

Oil boasts the most sumptuous and elegant of textures, and taking a dip in oil-infused water will turn your skin into a body of silk. This oil was inspired by seven of the world’s most exquisite roses and is enriched with sweet almond, jojoba and avocado oils to condition and hydrate skin perfectly.

Neom Organics Perfect Peace Candle

We’re huge fans of candles here at Circcell and often indulge in a rotation of new discoveries, but this candle is, as Neom says, a “refreshing alternative to traditional winter scents” thanks to its uplifting and zingy lime peel. Sandalwood and spicy myrrh add warmth, which is perfect if you’re seeing snow or rain outside, and the uplifting essential oils with help further enliven your spirits.

Mila Moursi Body Brush

Dry brushing, while such a simple task, makes a world of difference to your skin. It physically exfoliates dulling dead skin cells and helps encourage cell renewal so your skin is prime and ready before you step into your bath. Start from the ends of your arms and legs and gently brush toward your center.

Dayne Decker Clementine Essence Serum

After the perfect dip, make sure you slather a moisturizing cream all over while your skin is still damp so you can maximize absorption. This ultra-rich moisturizer encourages cell renewal, protects the skin from free radical damage and revives skin texture thanks to the shea butter, grape seed oil, vitamin A, aloe vera and argan oil. It simply feels heavenly!

Pottery Barn Luxe Cozy Robe

There’s nothing like being hugged from head to toe by a cozy, plush robe right after a spa day. This incredibly soft and lush robe keeps you warm and dry until you face the day (or night) again. Just make sure you sip on some green tea or cucumber-infused water while you sit back and relax!

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