Luxury on the Go: Our Best Skincare Travel Hacks

Warmer weather is almost here and the world is finally opening back up again. Spring fever has hit! And this year more than most, we’re all feeling the excitement. People are ready to get out and travel, ourselves included!

So break out that suitcase and get the sunscreen ready. Below, we’ve gathered our best skincare travel hacks to keep your complexion smooth and radiant no matter where life takes you. 


Travel is always a time when we want to look our best. Ironically, it’s also when our skin seems to act up the most. That’s because skin likes consistency. It gets used to our routine, climate and air quality, and it balances itself out accordingly. When these things are changed, our skin stresses out and dramatically tries to regain its balance — which can be problematic to say the least. This leads us to our first tip:

1. Stick to your normal routine as much as possible.

This is especially true if you have troublesome skin. Fluctuations from your normal routine can leave skin thirsty for its usual dose of nutrients. When it doesn’t get them, it will work extra hard to compensate, causing things like excess oil production, dry or flaky skin, redness and blemishes. The easiest way to stay consistent is to get travel size versions of your usual products. If those aren’t available, however, you can always transfer the products into smaller containers. 

2. Plan ahead for planes and dry climates.

Have you ever gotten off a plane feeling like your skin was both dry and oily at the same time? That’s because the circulated air has this lovely ability to suck the moisture from your skin, causing cells to compensate by producing excess oil. We recommend applying an extra layer of moisture before plane rides, or even using a heavier nighttime moisturizer during the trip. Hydrating mists and serums can also be used for a quick refresh.

Think about your destination too. If you’re heading to a drier climate than your skin is used to, make sure to pack a powerful nighttime moisturizer and hydrating facial oil so your skin can reset itself while you sleep. During the day, layer a hydrating serum or primer on top of moisturizer to lock in moisture and keep your skin balanced while you live your best vaca life. 

Inside Tip: Maya, our amazing founder, travels a LOT and specifically formulated Circcell’s products to work in any climate. Our Dew pH perfector works as a hydrating serum and primer, and it’s a lifesaver when it comes to keeping skin balanced throughout the day, no matter where you are in the world. 


No matter the destination, traveling always means you’re going to be out and about more than normal. Whether you’re heading to the beach or the mountains, you’re going to be at a higher risk of UV exposure, which can lead to redness, inflammation and cause skin to age prematurely. Sunscreen is always a necessity when traveling, for your body and especially for your face.

Many people don’t realize this, but plane rides also put you at risk for high UV exposure. Even if your window shade is down, you’re still 10,000 feet closer to the sun. So even before you get to your destination, prep your complexion with an extra layer of sunscreen pre-flight (we recommend at least SPF 30) .

4. If you have to pack light, focus on the essentials. 

When travel necessitates lighter packing, prioritize moisture. Dehydration is the cause of most skin troubles while traveling, so maintaining moisture is a top priority. If you have to leave some products behind, just make sure you have the ability to cleanse, hydrate and protect with SPF. 

Stay away from the hotel products too. Most hotel soaps are very drying and they tend to leave a residue behind that clogs pores and causes way more problems than you started with. If you have to pack light, get creative with downsizing your own products. Some people put foundation or eye serums into contact cases for mess free transportation. Or look around for travel kits from your favorite brands. Check out our travel kit, The Basics, which covers all your bases for day and nighttime regimens. 

5. Give extra attention to eyes and lips.

Traveling is exciting, but it can also be very exhausting. Jet lag, time changes and varied sleep schedules can wear us down, and our eyes are usually the first to show it. Keep dark circles and puffiness from betraying your underlying fatigue by packing a few eye masks or serums. Something like our Fresh Eyes Travel Kit can kick start your skin with a wake up call and get you ready for the day with a bright, radiant complexion. 

Don’t forget the lips! Especially if you’re traveling to a drier climate. Just like your skin, your lips can easily become dry and cracked. Keep them moisturized and soft with a castor, hemp seed or petroleum-based balm. 

Lips are also very sensitive to UV exposure. Without protection, they can become extremely sunburned and extremely swollen. If you’re going to be outside a lot, look for a balm with zinc oxide or titanium dioxide and apply often. These ingredients work to block UV rays on lips just as they do on skin. However, balms don’t sink into your lips like sunscreen does on skin, so remember to reapply as often as possible.

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