The Difference Between Face Oil & Serum

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Have you ever wondered what the difference between face oil and serum is? If so, this guide is for you. We’re going to explore these two products in-depth below to answer this question, along with letting you know the best way to apply serum and face oil. By the end of this article, you’ll have a much better understanding of why these two products should become a staple in your beauty routine.


What is Face Serum?

Face serum was designed to fix certain issues, including texture or an uneven skin tone. This lightweight liquid will be concentrated and have a gel-like or watery texture, which enables it to penetrate your skin with ease. Many serums are made with hyaluronic acid or other similar moisturizing ingredients. The most common time to apply face serum is after you’ve cleansed and toned your skin. Be sure that your face is dry and clean before using face serum.

What to Look for in a Face Serum

When you’re looking for the best face serum for your skin type, it’s important to consider what ingredients will work best. If you have dry skin, look for a face serum that has red algae extract, sodium hyaluronate or Salisporene-8. If you have oily or combination skin, look for ingredients that balance an oily complexion like salisporene-8 or Algae extract.  

What is Face Oil?

Face oils are typically made of non-comedogenic ingredients, including essential oils and botanical oils. In other words, they won’t make you break out! In many cases, a good face oil will also include antioxidants and plant extracts. This allows your face oil to help with certain skin issues such as dullness or dryness. The rich nature of face oil, along with its emollient properties, can also help the skin barrier. Your face will feel softer and more moisturized after using a face oil. The best time to use face oil is at night after you’ve cleansed your skin with a gentle face cleanser.

What to Look for in a Face Oil

When you’re looking for quality face oil, there are certain things you should keep an eye out for, including:

  • A short list of ingredients: The fewer ingredients, the better.
  • Oils that are light in texture: These will be easier to absorb.
  • Vitamin C serum: Citrus additives that impart anti-aging properties.
  • A “non-greasy” face oil: Look for products that won’t leave your skin feeling oily or weighed down.
  • Natural ingredients: These will be gentler on your skin. Circcell offers luxury serums and oils that feature potent blends of natural ingredients. For instance, natural ingredients like neroli petals and sea fennel help soften skin and restore pigment.

Our luxury skin care experts recommend leaving your preferred face oil in your handbag or desk drawer and using it throughout the day whenever your skin feels dry and needs a “pick me up”. We also highly recommend using face oils in your evening skin care regimen to create a brightening mask of all the products you’ve layered underneath. The occlusive nature of the oils seals everything in to improve your evening regimen efficacy.  

What They Can Be Used For?

So, in the battle between face oil vs face serum, is there a clear winner? The simple answer is no, but the more complex answer is that it depends on your particular skin type. Although these products are comparable, they do very different things.

For instance, anti-aging face serum works great on a wide variety of facial skin issues, including hyperpigmentation. Meanwhile, the oil moisturizes your face, thereby replenishing your skin’s natural moisturizers.  As you can see, they do very different things, but is there room for both in your facial routine? It depends on your specific skin care needs. Both provide benefits. 

Can I Use Face Oil and Face Serum Together?

Can serum and face oil be used together? Fortunately, the answer to this question is a resounding yes! The one thing to note, though, is that there are many, many different types of face oil. This means you’ll have to pick one that’s formulated to work best on your skin. You can begin by looking at oils to see what ones will help with your particular needs.

When it comes down to choosing both, as opposed to deciding between serum vs oil for face care, there is definitely an order you should follow. Please pay attention to the following order, as messing it up won’t provide the same positive results.

Use Serum First

Whenever you’re going to use serum, it needs to be the first product you apply to your face after exfoliating and cleaning. If you were to apply the face oil first, it would actually create a barrier, which means your serum wouldn’t absorb properly.

Use Oil Second

Combining face serum and oil is always a good thing, as long as you remember to apply the serum first and the oil second. You can absolutely layer them together to achieve better results.

Consistency Matters

What if you want to use two face serums before switching to oil? Always start off layering with the lighter serum first. If both of your serums have a similar consistency, then apply the one that has the most vital ingredient for your skin first. For example, if you want your skin to become more hydrated, use a product with hyaluronic acid first.

Do Your Layering at Night

It’s always best to layer different serums on top of each other at night. This will prevent ultraviolet rays from hitting your face, which may cause skin sensitivity. Another good reason to only layer serum products at night is that they’ll have time to work their way more effectively into your skin as you sleep.

Apply Them Correctly

When you put your serum and oil on, be sure to do so in a light, massaging manner. Not only will this improve circulation, but it’s also a really pleasant way to start or end your day.

Give the Serum Time to Absorb Properly

You’re going to want to give your skin a break of a minute or two after applying your serum. This will ensure that the serum is properly absorbed into your skin. Another bonus of taking this short break is that it prevents buildup. After your one-to-two-minute break, feel free to apply oil.

Circcell Products Can Help!

Circcell takes face issues seriously. Whether you’ve got a dry face or have issues that an anti-aging oil can address, our products are here to help!

Our ABO +|- Serum is an oxygenating serum that leads to facial rejuvenation. Further, it helps smooth wrinkles and lines, evens and brightens your tone, and will improve your face’s elasticity and firmness.

After applying the serum, you’ll want to turn to one (or a mixture) of the next three oils.

If anti-aging is your goal, reach for Jacqueline’s Blend. This extraordinary face oil will target any signs of aging. Additionally, it’ll hydrate your face and support healthy collagen.

Perhaps you have sensitive skin instead. In this case, using Nancy’s Blend is ideal. You’ll experience the soothing of inflammation and a restored balance. The best part of sensitive skin, however, is that it also calms irritation.

Do you have oily and/or problematic skin? We’ve got you covered with Wooshie’s Blend. This face oil fights acne, soothes irritation, will increase your cellular turnover, and rebalances your skin.

Find Face Serum and Oil

As you can see, it’s perfectly okay to use serum and oil on your face, as long as you do it in the correct order. Layering these two products can actually make your skin feel and look healthier than it would have with only a single item. Simply use the products that will work best for your skin! To find out more about our clean skincare, be sure to visit Circcell. 

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