Behind The Scenes - Our Video Interview With Olympic Skier Resi Stiegler

Behind the Scenes with Resi Stiegler, Jackson Hole Native & Olympic Ski Racer The stars aligned when Resi Stiegler happened to have a free afternoon just days before she began her wintertime tour of ski training and racing across the globe, and gave us a few hours to shoot the latest CIRCCELL video. Even with a lingering cold, her energy was high and bubbly, in true Resi fashion. She bopped into the room fresh from a creative meeting with another Jackson-based brand, with whom she has a signature collaboration of beautiful leather bags. “I love to work on projects and have things going on other than skiing,” stated the Olympic ski racer. Though her dedication to skiing and love for the sport take precedence, she admits she’s a bit of a girly girl and likes to indulge in skincare, makeup and fashion. Resi’s jet-setting lifestyle, coupled with the importance placed on taking good care of her body and skin, made her the perfect embodiment of the CIRCCELL woman and brand ambassador. On a recent trip to New Zealand, Resi brought along her CIRCCELL products and was impressed with their versatility in an environment vastly different to that of her hometown—the high and dry Jackson Hole, WY. As we prepped for the shoot, she raved about the products, and her skin showed its own approval with a stunning glow. For our video with Resi, we wanted to showcase her travel-heavy lifestyle, indestructible confidence and lighthearted humor. With giggles between takes and incredible moments of truth on the importance of being oneself, the real Resi came through beautifully. She is truly a wonderful role model and we could not be happier having her as a CIRCCELL ambassador. Be sure to follow Resi and her adventures through Instagram: @resistiegler Skin: We prepped Resi’s skin with Dew pH Perfector and ABO Face Serum. Hair: Resi arrived with slightly damp hair that we let air dry, brushed it lightly, and then applied a touch of Oribe’s Texturizing Spray to tame fly-aways. Makeup: Tinted moisturizer from Suntegrity evened out any redness and left her skin looking naturally radiant. A swipe of brown and a pearly pink across her lids with some mascara was all that was needed for her eyes. A touch of blush and a light lining of her lips in a very nude pencil and she was camera ready. CIRCCELL Product Resi Can’t Live Without: Extraordinary Face Oil, ABO Face Serum, Geothermal Clay Cleanser

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