Product Spotlight: Red Algae Clarifying Masque

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Many of us haven’t left blemishes behind in our young-adult years, as they still seem to appear when you seek the clearest of complexions (weddings, interviews, and the like). That’s because blemishes aren’t simply a result of innately oily skin -- your skin reacts and produces oil for many other reasons, including stress, climate, unideal use of topical treatments, and hormonal and lifestyle changes. Regardless of why you might find yourself with congested skin, you can combat it quickly and efficiently with a detoxifying clay mask. Our Red Algae Clarifying Masque is a sumptuous purifying treatment that contains rich red algae, a substance found in lichen trees around the world, which features a beautifully healing ingredient: usnic acid. Usnic acid is incredible at soothing and purifying skin at the same time -- without overdrying or disrupting the skin’s delicate balance. Blog Pic 1 (1) The cleansing properties of red algae are enhanced with montmorillonite, a fine-­grained clay that binds with toxic and acidic elements. In addition, a rich, clarifying botanical blend of essential oils -- tea tree, grape seed, thyme, lavender, and grapefruit -- further strengthens the mask’s ability to combat blemishes while brightening overall complexion. With the Red Algae Clarifying Masque, you will notice a clearer complexion, less visible pores, a refined texture and the gorgeous, radiant skin you need wherever you go. Check out some reviews from our customers: “Amazing! This mask delivers on its promises...after one use my complexion was brighter and my pores smaller, it also cleared my breakouts (woke with clear skin)!! It's a miracle worker on acne! This is the best active masque I've ever used. The results are dramatic!! A must!!” “I have been using clarifying masques for over 10 years. I tried this product recently and I am sold. This is the best Clarifying Masque I have ever used. LOVE THIS PRODUCT.” “After using the masque my skin was soft and dewy and looked like I had just come in from a brisk walk! I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!!”

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