How to Perform Facial Yoga to Lift Cheeks and Firm Facial Muscles

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We’ve already covered how to perform facial yoga on your eyes and your forehead to help uplift and firm those areas. In our final installment of our facial yoga series, we’ll show you how to help slow down and prevent sagging on your cheeks and lift your facial muscles.

What is Facial Yoga and What Are the Benefits?

When you think of yourself doing yoga, you might envision doing downward dog. But yoga is more than just relaxing and toning your body. Facial yoga is a series of exercises that also help smooth and relax your facial muscles. Face yoga is a practice that goes back thousands of years. It’s known to be an effective method of preventing fine lines and wrinkles. Since wrinkles are formed as a result of the constant use and tensing up of our muscles, it’s believed that performing face yoga can relax your facial muscles before they tense up and create fine lines.

Why Practice Cheek Lift Yoga?

Facial Yoga Lifts Cheeks and Firms Facial MusclesHigh cheekbones are one of the most defining signs of youth. As we age, gravity takes its toll and on our skin as it naturally starts to sag and droop. For that reason, many women use contouring makeup kits and facial injections to lift their cheeks. Fortunately, cheek lift yoga is an easy, free solution to sculpt the cheeks. All it costs is a few additional minutes of time during your morning skincare routine. Facial yoga can target any areas of concern you have. Similar to how forehead yoga can help to smooth the lines around your forehead, there are also certain yoga exercises for facial muscles that are known to help sculpt the cheekbones and instantly enhance the natural contours of your face.

When is the Best Time for Facial Yoga?

The best time to practice any kind of face yoga is during your skin care routine, similarly to when you would with a facial roller. This is because facial yoga can do more than just contour your face, but it also helps massage products into your skin. This is yet another reason why face yoga is the perfect addition to your existing skin care routine; these simple exercises can increase the absorption of your serums and creams, helping them work more efficiently while giving you a youthful contour and relaxing your facial muscles

How to Perform Facial Yoga to Lift Cheeks and Firm Facial Muscles

Maintaining a youthful complexion is more than just the facial yoga movements. The products you apply on your skin and the consistency in which you use them are also vital to rejuvenating your appearance. You can perform these steps in conjunction with the eye and forehead routines for maximum results.

1. Prep Your Skin

As with any skincare or beauty routine, it all starts with clean skin. To best prepare your skin for a cheek lift yoga session, cleanse with a gentle face wash that won’t strip away your skin’s precious oils or upset your delicate pH. The mineral-rich clays in the Circcell Geothermal Clay Cleanser will work wonders to detoxify your skin while the natural oils deeply hydrate.

2. Apply a Face Mask For added skin benefits

Go the extra mile to further renew and brighten your skin. While you’ve already put aside the time to perform a face yoga cheek lift, apply the Fruition Brightening & Polishing Mask to the face and neck for 5-10 minutes. This high-performing mask is formulated with the complexion-enhancing tropical fruits to create more radiance and smoothness. Afterwards, remove the mask with lukewarm water and enjoy a healthy glow.

3. Go in With a Potent Serum

Now that your face is clean and nourished, it’s time to seal the deal by applying a light layer of hydrating and repairing ABO +|- Face Serum to your face and neck, as well as the instantly depuffing and brightening ABO +|- Eye Gel around your eyes. These oxygen-rich formulations are a kind of “topical oxygen” for your skin that will help to lift and firm your skin alongside each facial yoga pose. These serums also help prepare the skin, as it’s important to have wet skin while doing facial yoga exercises for cheeks so as not to pull on your skin too much.

4. Perform the Movements

Now you can perform facial yoga. Remember to leave the ABO serum and eye gel on your face for these routines.
  1. Take a deep breath. Hold some air in your mouth to puff out both of your cheeks. Hold this posture for several seconds.
  2. Slowly exhale through your mouth. Repeat 10 times.
  3. Place your fingers on your temples.Form an O with your lips. Push your hands upwards and then back to the sides of your face.
  4. Relax your jaw to make your face long. Hold this pose for 5-10 seconds and repeat two times.

5. Finish It Off With a Nourishing Facial Oil

Think of cheek lift yoga as the step that comes after your face wash and serums. While you’re performing your facial exercises, your skin has taken the time to absorb your face and eye serums. That means it’s time to move on to the next step. Once you’re done with the cheek lift yoga postures, choose the Circcell Extraordinary Facial Oil that’s best suited for your skin type. The Extraordinary Oil comes in different high-grade formulas that are infused with potent botanical ingredients for oily and problematic skin types, healing and sensitive skin, as well as mature skin. Apply it on your skin by dispensing a few drops onto your palms, rubbing your hands together, and patting the oil gently on your skin. Don’t Forget Protection Cheek lift yoga is a great preventative measure to dealing with signs of aging on the skin. Since prevention is the best anti-aging solution, it’s important to take a minute to make sure you’re not only hydrated, but protected against collagen damage from UV radiation. So after a morning face yoga workout, don’t forget your sunscreen! A lightweight, oil-free formula, Circcell Daily Hydration SPF 43 restores moisture, contains antioxidant protection and provides broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection.

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