Oily Skin? Yes, You Need Oil.

Blemish-Prone, Oily Skin? Yes, You Need Oil.

Most of us have a love/hate relationship with oils. If we use them, we love them. If we don’t use them, chances are we simply don’t understand them. We get it. Putting oil on your face when you might already suffer from oily or breakout-prone skin feels like heresy.

If your skin is breakout-prone or oily, treat the problem, not the symptom.

Blemishes usually occur because of a buildup of oil and bacteria in the pores, making it difficult for new skin cells to form. That means consistent (and always untimely) breakouts that ultimately damage your skin and leave your complexion oily. Yes, using a drying product that pulls the moisture and oil out of your skin will shrink those blemishes. For a little while. And using a mattifying toner or cleanser that has benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid (to kill the blemish-causing bacteria and reduce shine) can lead to dehydrated skin and a world of other issues–like premature wrinkling and visible lines. If you’d actually like to maintain a beautiful, dewy, healthy complexion, you need formulas rich in botanicals and fatty acids that will begin to transform your skin–and discourage blemishes from even thinking about popping up.

Still skeptical?

Imagine a beautiful, lush, green lawn. Weed-free. You know how it got that way? With a thoughtful, effective combination of ingredients and metered watering that encouraged the grass to grow, ensuring the health of the lawn and leaving no room for weeds. Treat the canvas, not the blemish.

Welcome to Circcell’s Extraordinary Oil for Oily/Problematic Skin, aka Wooshie’s Blend.

“Wooshie’s Blend is named after my daughter. She’s a teenager with oily skin, so I created this blend for her. She is extremely athletic, and a bit of a tomboy, but still so in touch with her 'girly' side–and she cares about beautiful skin just like the rest of us. She can ride a snowmobile, ski the black slopes, do a double back flip and wear Gucci heels–a true mountain girl. Wooshie’s blend is more woodsy that floral, but still girly. Just like her.” -Maya Crothers, Circcell® Founder


Wooshie’s Blend features an innovative fermentation process that reduces the molecular size of the oil and dramatically increases the essential fatty acid (EFA) content of the oil. The reduced molecular size ensures that the oil fully absorbs into your skin (vs. resting on top of your skin in a greasy mess the way most oils do) and the EFAs support the health of your cellular membrane. The cellular membrane is the gatekeeper of the cell, regulating what to purge and what to accept. An underperforming cellular membrane can result in acne and an entire suite of other problems. Our natural, luxurious and technologically advanced face oils support optimal performance of this membrane.                                                                                               

Yes, using oil to combat oil is a bit intimidating. But it’s also a rather innovative way of hydrating skin while you’re repairing damage caused by blemishes. The oils and extracts in Wooshie’s Blend work naturally to eliminate blemish-causing bacteria. At the same time, they rejuvenate and transform skin by soothing blemish redness and clarifying the complexion. Circcell® also includes ingredients like Green Tea and Pumpkin Seed Oil that act as antibacterial agents to effectively cleanse your pores of bacteria and oil. Essential Oils Neroli, Cardamom, Vetiver, White Grapefruit, and Manuka clarify the skin for a beautifully balanced, dewy look. So, if you’re ready to work on your skin–not just on the blemishes–here are a few tips for incorporating Wooshie’s Blend into your regimen.


  • Keep a vial of Wooshie’s Blend on your desk and use a few drops throughout the day to pamper your skin.
  • You can mix Wooshie’s Blend with a nighttime moisturizer (we recommend ABO Serum), but don’t apply moisturizer after you apply your oil. Oil penetrates everything; nothing penetrates oil!
  • Add a drop or two to your foundation for an added glow to your skin and blow to your acne!
  • Traveling: Always apply your Wooshie’s Blend just before you fly and then again once per hour of the flight.
  • Always use Wooshie’s blend if your skin is going to be exposed to harsh winds and/or cold or extreme temperatures.
  • Use it to spot treat breakouts
  • Apply as the final step of your evening routine to seal in the underlying ingredients
  • To supercharge acne control and prevention, don't forget to add our Dew pH Perfector into your daily routine, right after cleansing.  It contains lactic acid to gently exfoliate, willow bark - a natural form of salicylic acid - to target acne directly, and camphor to destroy acne causing bacteria.

Circcell® Born in Jackson Hole. Created to Travel the World.

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