Christmas/New Year's Eve Spas for A Luxury Escape

Many of us aren’t strangers to the great amount of pressure we experience during the holiday months. Sometimes all we really need is some time to ourselves to wind down after a busy year and rejuvenate our skin, mind and body. If the holidays tend to get the best of you, then an escape to one of these five luxurious spa retreats may be just the very thing you need this holiday season. Whether you’ve been anxious to jet away to Iceland to experience a more traditional winter for the first time or perhaps you’re looking to indulge in a tropical getaway in Costa Rica, we have several breathtaking ideas that’ll give you the much-needed relaxation and restoration you need this holiday season.

Notice the Miraculously Healing Effects of Iceland’s Mineral Waters

Do you live in a place like Los Angeles where you don’t really experience winter? Then book your stay at Grindavík, Iceland’s Blue Lagoon and experience a winteresque spa treatment like never before, complete with healing mineral waters. While Iceland’s snow forecast is a bit unpredictable, you’ll forget all about the snow on the ground (or lack thereof) as you’re being blown away by the spa’s countless therapeutic amenities. Filled with skin-loving vitamins, the spa’s magnificent geothermal water features silica, algae and minerals, fresh from the depths of the earth. Guests enjoy breathtaking views of nearby lava fields and harmonious landscapes for a calming, relaxing and healing experience.   Other Blue Lagoon spa amenities include in-water massages, silica mud masks, sauna and steam rooms, a complete relaxation area and a man-made waterfall for soothing sore muscles and shoulders.

Treat Yourself to the Full Holistic Experience in Canada

Ontario, Canada is the perfect winter destination if you’re seeking snow on or around Christmas or New Year’s Eve. Watch snowflakes fall while peering out of the frost-covered windows of Ste. Anne’s Spa. Warm up with a seasonal treatment like the festive flare stone wrap, consisting of biodynamic herbs of St. John’s Wort and Echinacea and other healing ingredients like orange essence and aromatic cinnamon. Ste. Anne’s Spa combines old-fashioned charm with the nourishing spa treatments you desire during the midst of the holiday season. The spa’s miraculous selection of amenities range from aroma stone massages, chakra awareness treatments, skin nourishing aqua therapies, firming mud facials and so much more.

Immerse Yourself in Italy’s Curative Thermal Waters

If you live somewhere chilly like New York City and could use a few days out of the winter weather, book your stay at the beautiful Bagni Di Pisa natural spa in the heart of Tuscany. Residing in San Giuliano Terme, Italy, the average temperatures are in the mid-50s but the spa’s pure thermal waters are set at a comfortable 100° F. Soak in pools and hot tubs rich in sulphate, bicarbonate, calcium and magnesium. The spa’s many luxurious amenities include a steam room in the natural Cave of Grand Dukes, indoor and outdoor thermal pools, therapeutic massages and stress-relieving ancient Chinese medicine techniques. Aesthetic services like exfoliating peeling treatments and microdermolift treatments with AHA, BHA and Vitamin C are also offered.

Warm Your Mind and Body in Tropical Costa Rica

Do you experience six months of horribly cold, snowy and dry climates like Minnesotans do? Then enjoy some time away at the Tabacon luxury spa in La Fortuna, Alajuela, Costa Rica. Your tropical spa experience will warm your mind and body while also giving you the opportunity to take in some breathtakingly beautiful views, complete with natural surroundings such as naturally flowing hot springs, trees, gardens and fresh scents of the rainforest. Tabacon’s relaxing spa experience combines health, wellness, mindfulness and self-discovery for a truly memorable retreat with soul-nourishing benefits that truly last a lifetime. Unwind with yoga, aromatherapy, deep tissue massages, hydrating facials, chocolate lover’s body treatments, a moisturizing milk bath and so much more.

Explore China’s Restorative Spa Escape

If you’re looking to escape the breezy North American temperatures this winter, enter Hong Kong’s warm cocoon of serenity for a truly magical spa experience. The Landmark Mandarin Oriental is the perfect retreat for those who wish to explore the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong before disappearing into a world of calm and soothing natural remedies. The Landmark Mandarin Oriental offers everything from yoga and pilates studios, swimming pools, manicure and pedicure studios, vitality pools and more. Guests can choose from a variety of services such as age-defying facials, holistic aromatherapies using custom-blended essential oils and skin smoothing, tension-relieving treatments for the nails, hands, feet, legs and arms. Whether you live in a warmer city like Los Angeles or somewhere with sub-zero temperatures like Minneapolis, sometimes you need to get away for a few days to experience something unordinary, especially during the stressful holiday season. Calm your mind, body and spirit this winter and indulge in a magical spa experience at any one of these elegant spa escapes.


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