What Are the Benefits of Face Rollers?

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Facial rollers have been used to massage and enhance the skin in China since the 17th century thanks to their ability to remove toxins, prevent the occurrence of fine lines, depuff under-eye bags, soothe inflammation, create a healthy glow, and enhance an overall sense of much-needed calm. While they can be created from any material, continue reading to learn about the one stone that carries uniquely calming properties for the body and mind.

In this article, you will learn:

  • Benefits of Face Rolling 
  • Face Rolling vs Hand Massage
  • What’s the Best Gemstone for a Facial Roller?
  • How to Use a Facial Roller

Benefits of Face Rolling

What can a few minutes of facial rolling in the morning do for your complexion? We’re about to get into the impressive list of benefits of facial rollers like product penetration, circulatory support, lymphatic drainage, and detoxifying. 


They Enhance the Lymphatic System

Circcell Amethyst RollerThe most common reason many people start using face rollers is for lymphatic drainage. 

With our sedentary lifestyle, the lymphatic system, which is responsible for eliminating waste and toxins in the body, tends to be underactive. Thankfully, gemstone rollers are an effective way to stimulate the lymph system, which also allows for a healthier immune system.

Since lymphatic vessels are located throughout the face and body, massaging gently with a face roller can drain unwanted excess fluid from the face and move it towards the heart and kidneys to process and dispose of, improving the body’s overall lymph flow and blood circulation. 

Contours the Face Naturally

Face rolling is especially useful after nights you’ve indulged in a dinner high in sodium and your face is visibly bloated. 

A few minutes massaging with a face roller in the morning can help the body drain excess fluids that have accumulated in the face cause puffiness. 

Another common reason for morning puffiness is dehydration- unfortunately, the face is the first place the signs of dehydration are apparent. Thankfully, regardless of the cause, rolling gemstones across the skin can calm down inflammation and support circulation to help restore the natural youthful contour of the face.    

Face rolling is highly-prized for its ability to sculpt the natural features of the face. By draining excess fluids, it’s able to tone slackening muscles, which in turn makes the cheekbones appear more lifted and sculpted sans the need for makeup or injections.

Gives a Healthy Glow

After each massage with a facial roller, blood circulation is increased, which, in turn, offers a bright and awakening flush of energy to dull, tired skin. 

In a recent study at the Tokyo Institute of Technology, evidence was found of both long term and short term benefits of face rollers and the improvement in skin and blood flow after each use.

In the short term study, researchers found that massaging with a face roller for just five minutes a day can immediately increase blood flow in the massaged areas up to 25%. 

The longer study, which took place over a five-week period, proved that the roller significantly improved blood flow, producing a healthy glow in the complexion of each of the participants.

Product Penetration 

Pressing into the skin with a facial roller allows for deeper penetration of serums or oils, improving your skincare products’ ability to offer maximum hydration and nutrients.

Diminishes Puffiness Around Undereyes

Puffy under eyes is a common concern for many people. It’s essential to address under-eye bags before they can betray the complexion with signs of our lack of sleep. Fortunately, facial rollers, especially those made of cooling gemstones like amethyst, do play an effective role in reducing under-eye puffiness and brightening up dark circles. 

Puffiness around the under-eye circles isn’t exclusively a sign of fatigue. They can also be caused by blockages and tension in the area which makes it difficult for the fluids to flow optimally. In this case, facial rollers are especially useful. 

Rolling the gemstones around the under eyes unblocks excess fluid, improves circulation, and helps oxygenate blood to the area, which brightens and calms the under-eye complexion. 

A Face Roller Massage or a Hand Massage - Which is Better?

While it’s always possible to do a lymphatic drainage massage by hand, there’s no comparison to the results that can be achieved with the help of a facial roller. 

Using a gemstone facial roller offers an incredibly smooth, extra cooling surface that allows you to apply deeper pressure into muscles and tissues. In other words, facial rollers are much more effective than massaging with your hands alone, all the while being gentle and completely safe.

What’s the Best Gemstone for a Facial Roller?

Do all facial rollers work equally? The answer is both yes and no. 

While the act of massaging with a facial roller can effectively drain excess fluids and stimulate the lymphatic system, using a roller made of gemstones takes these benefits to new heights. 

Each gem offers unique restorative qualities that can calm, stimulate, and soothe not only the skin but the mind and soul. 

Incorporating tools made of natural gemstones, like amethyst, which is revered for its restorative properties, can offer us its benefits on a daily basis. Compared to other stones, amethyst, in particular, has purifying and therapeutic qualities that make it the ideal option for a facial roller: 

  • For centuries, crystal healers have been harnessing amethyst’s ability to provide mental clarity. Using a facial roller crafted from pure amethyst promotes a sense of peace and tranquility during your skincare routine.
  • This mesmerizing purple stone is useful to have on hand to relieve stress through attracting positive energy while ridding your body of negative emotions.  
  • The amethyst crystal carries a powerful negative charge. In contrast, free radicals, and other toxins carry a positive charge. Amethyst is able to draw out these positively-charged particles to detoxify and cleanse your skin.
  • Amethyst is a cooling stone. Massaging with an amethyst facial roller calms redness, irritation, and puffiness with its smooth, cold texture. 
Facial rolling with the amethyst roller daily regulates microcirculation in the skin, cools and calms redness and acne, reduces puffiness, and promotes absorption of skincare products.

Circcell Amethyst Roller

How to Use Your Amethyst Roller

The amethyst facial roller is beneficial for all skin types. Here’s how you use it.

  1. This step is optional, but the results are enhanced when a serum or oil is applied beforehand. Circcell’s ABO +|- face and eye serums use medical-grade gas carriers for superior circulatory support. The additional microcirculation benefits that come from rolling takes the overall effectiveness of these products to another level.
  2. Roll the larger end on face and neck back and forth across the contours of the face to drain fluids and dispel lingering toxins from the skin.
  3. Roll the smaller end around the eye area. Circcell offers a potent collagen-building eye mask to infuse billions of collagen and peptide molecules to supercharge the under eyes with youthfulness and firmness.
  4. Wipe the roller after use with a soft cloth to remove excess oils left on the tool.
And that’s it! The amethyst offers a supremely calming moment to supercharge your skincare routine and provide a moment of self-care.

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