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There are many ways to maximize the effectiveness of your skincare ingredients. Use product on clean skin, exfoliated skin is even better, make sure product is stored properly so that the ingredients do not degrade, keep precious potions away from heat and sunlight and use them before the expiration date. The way we layer our products can help efficacy as well. Begin with the most watery formulations and layer on increasingly thicker serums and creams...and always use oils last as many skincare formulations are not able to penetrate oils to reach the surface of the skin.

But there is another more techy way to supercharge your skincare products. You are probably familiar battery operated, handheld devices used to optimize ingredient absorption. These tools use gentle, sonic vibrations to push ingredients deeper into the dermis than with manual application.  

While this relatively affordable technology is easily accessible, most of you are probably still applying your skincare the old fashioned way.  At Circell, we want you to get the most out of our technologically advanced formulations and using this type of device can help you fully realize your skincare investment. The gentle sonic action (that feels like gentle vibrations) that these devices deliver enhance absorption of active ingredients.  

With daily use, this can contribute greatly to promoting smooth, healthy, hydrated skin. These devices can be used with most serums, creams, lotions and moisturizers. One area to be careful is with any prescription strength products, exfoliating products, retinol/retinoid products, acidic products and peels. Because of the aggressive nature of these products, using any device that increases ingredient penetration (unless prescribed by a doctor or skincare professional) is ill advised. When used with the right skincare products, benefits include:

  • Increased performance of products
  • Increased delivery of nutrients to the skin
  • Deeper absorption of ingredients
  • Enhanced hydration

We feel so strongly about the benefits of sonic devices, that for a limited time we are bundling our best selling ABO Eye Serum and Insight Eye Treatment Masks with a 120 oscillation per second, hand held, battery operated device for the eye area. This can be used during the application of our eye serum and on top the collagen-stimulating eye masks. Along with improving the effectiveness of these products, the gentle vibrations also support in circulation (helping improve the appearance of under eye circles and puffiness) and lymphatic drainage. This device can also be used around the lip area to enhance ingredient absorption into fine lines and crevices. Our Fresh Eyes Eye Care Travel Kits include:

  • Full size (15 ml) ABO Eye Serum             

  • 2 x Insight Collagen Eye Treatment Masks

  • Sonic device (battery included)

  • Branded travel bag

Specially priced at $155 ($190 value), these kits are only available for a limited time. Click here to learn more.

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