A Sneak Peek Into the Circcell Spa Ritual for Acne and Oily Skin

If you find yourself with congested skin, consider a professional treatment to expedite your skin-clearing efforts. Circcell’s spa ritual for acneic skin employs top-notch, high-potency formulas and advanced tissue manipulation techniques to heal, detoxify and rejuvenate skin. You can try to replicate this process at home (note that some of the steps involve processes and products that are performed and available to licensed professionals only, which are noted in parentheses), but if you’re intrigued, head on over to see if there’s a Circcell spa near you and make an appointment -- you won’t regret it!
  1.  Cleanse (5 minutes)
Cleanse with CIRC-CELL Mandarin Cleansing Milk to cleanse skin and remove makeup. Inside Blog Post1
  1.  Exfoliate (10 minutes)
(Your esthetician will exfoliate with the spa-only Circcell Pineapple Papaya Enzyme Peel or Jojoba Exfoliating Cleanser. He or she may then conduct a light-pressure microdermabrasion.)
  1.  Cleansing Mask w/ Contouring Massage (20 minutes)
Apply a generous coating (as a mask) of Circcell Geothermal Clay Cleanser to your face, neck and décolleté. Use your hands or a fan brush for application. Moisten your hands and massage the cleanser into the skin. (The Contouring Massage is an extremely peaceful and skin-revitalizing process that involves a comprehensive massage to help relax fine lines, uplift skin and provide a luminous glow. This process also enables treatments to absorb deeply into skin for a boost of hydration.)
  1.  Mask (10 minutes)
Apply a thin layer of Circcell Red Algae Clarifying Masque, avoiding eye area. You may experience a cool tingle or a warming sensation. The mask is stimulating and may leave skin with a slight flush. For sensitive skin types, mix the mask with 50% Geothermal Clay Cleanser to reduce the strength. Leave on for 10 minutes and remove with lukewarm water. (Your esthetician may then perform a blue LED treatment.)
  1.  Tone/Sculpt (5 minutes)
Saturate two gauze pads with Circcell DEW Toner. Work your way up -- hold the gauze still on each location for up to 20 seconds ensuring you are pressing DEW firmly into the tissue. Perform this in the following order:
  1. Décolleté
  2. Lower outer neck
  3. Upper outer neck
  4. Chin area
  5. Jowls
  6. Cheekbones
  7. Temples
  8. Forehead above the peaks of the brow
  9. Center forehead (this will be the only location where you put both hands on top of each other)
  10. Fold gauze in half to apply to nose and the upper lips/nasal labial folds
  1.  Finishing
Finish with Circell’s ABO +/- Eye Serum and Circell Extraordinary Facial Oil Wooshie’s Blend. For daytime, follow with sun protection, apply Circell Daily Hydration SPF 43 alone or on top Extraordinary Facial Oil Wooshie’s Blend.

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