Your Post-Travel Skincare Guide

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Your skin endures a lot when you travel -- whether your vacation involves a warm, relaxing beach getaway or an action-packed metropolitan destination. Wherever your wanderlust takes you, it all starts with the dry air, salty snacks, and overly caffeinated beverages on the plane then usually ends with higher-than-elevated sugar or sodium levels. Of course you should try to take good care of your skin while on vacation, but it’s understandably easy to stray away from your beauty routines or habits (even if you did manage to squeeze all your favorite Circcell products into your carry-on bag!).

The good news is that the skin is an amazing organ that is constantly at work to heal itself and achieve balance. After you land back home, here are five steps you can instantly take to revitalize your skin after a long, well-deserved vacation: 1. Deep Clean There are countless contaminates that can harm your skin when you travel. Once you get home, a deep cleansing will give your skin a much-needed purifcation (think of it as a one-day detox for your face). Use Circcell’s Geothermal Clay Cleanser as a refining mask to draw any impurities from the skin and help restore its natural moisture. Continue using this oil/clay duo cleanser every day to ensure your skin stays flawless and glowing all day long. 2. Replenish Your Skin’s Nutrients Many aspects of traveling can result in an uneven skin tone. In addition to sun and wind damage, dehydration, caffeinated beverages, and even stress can highlight fine lines and wrinkles, leaving your skin dull and dry. Combat uneven skin tones with Circcell’s Extraordinary Face Oil, which contains powerful botanical oils that purify the skin and prevent breakouts and comedones. This formula also contains an oil fermentation technology that increases its production of fatty acids to visibly soothe redness and irritation while promoting new cell growth. 3. Moisturize Even if your destination was in a fairly humid climate, your skin is likely parched from the flight back home. Airplanes are incredibly dry and draws moisture from everything in it. Help your skin recover by applying a restorative moisturizer, like Circcell’s Crème E.R.3. This silky smooth cream mirrors the body’s own chemistry with a balance of wild yam, non-GMO soy, and key peptides, leaving skin firm, flawless, and deeply hydrated. 4. Compensate for Sun Damage Unless you normally luxuriate on the beach, you likely got a significantly higher amount of sun during your vacation. Once you get home, it’s time to address any sun damage and do whatever you can to prevent more damage. Circcell’s Daily Hydration Broad Spectrum SPF 43 provides protection from the sun’s damaging UV rays. This lightweight, oil-free formula also contains antioxidants to produce younger-looking skin while protecting it from the elements. During the day, under your sunscreen, add a mega-concentrated boost of antioxidants, like in our Vitamin C Ampoules, to help repair sun damage and neutralize the free radicals caused by UV rays. Daily Hydration 5. Treat Your Skin From Within Just like you want to detox your skin post-vacay, you also want to detox your body (after all, the skin is your largest organ). Your skin needs moisture from the inside out, and it’s important to drink plenty of water so the above products can work their magic as effectively as possible. Maintaining a balanced diet that’s low in trans fats and sodium and high in fibrous fruits and vegetables will also contribute to flawless, glowing skin. Though you don’t need to perform a full-on detox once you get home from vacation, you should make an effort to cleanse your body of the decadent food you did consume while traveling. Getting some cardio in that makes you break a sweat is another great way to naturally detox your body of impurities and help your skin restore its natural radiance.  

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