Super Simple DIY: How to Create a Hydrating Facial Mist

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A facial mist has many purposes. Anyone, regardless of his or her skin type, can benefit from a DIY hydrating facial mist. You can also take them along with you anywhere you go (we like to keep ours in our desk drawers, cars and purses). With Circcell, we show you how to make a hydrating face mist with a super easy to follow DIY.

In this article, you will learn:

  • What are the Benefits of Facial Mists?
  • How to Make a DIY Hydrating Face Mist
  • What Can I Do With My DIY Facial Mist?

    What are the Benefits of Facial Mists?

    • Dampens your skin before applying serums and moisturizers to boost absorption and effectiveness
    • Refreshes the skin instantly
    • Retains and boosts moisture in dehydrating situations like inside an airplane or an office with the skin-drying AC or heater on
    • Adds a healthy-looking glow to dull skin

      The best part is that they’re easy to make yourself at home, which means you can add your favorite scents and ingredients based on your personal preferences and skin needs. Here’s an easy general guide to creating your own custom face hydrating mist.

      DIY Hydrating Facial Mist

      How to Make a DIY Hydrating Face Mist

      Step 1: Gather Your Ingredients and Utensils

      To create your homemade hydrating facial mist, we recommend using Aloe Vera juice. Aloe vera is the ideal base for your DIY facial mist thanks to its long list of benefits for all skin types. Aloe vera is:

      • Anti-inflammatory
      • Antibacterial
      • Nourishing
      • Soothing
      • Healing
      • Anti-aging
      • Clears surface acne
      • Hydrates dry skin
      • Treats burns
      • Softens skin
      • Aloe vera is also potent in:
      • Antioxidants
      • Enzymes
      • Vitamin A
      • Vitamin C

        Where to Find Pure Aloe Vera

        Look for aloe vera at your local health-food store and ask for the purest type possible. Make sure aloe is the only ingredient on the back of the bottle to ensure maximum purity. Be sure to avoid aloe vera juices as they tend to have added sugar and flavors added for taste, so look for the kind that’s available near the sun protection products instead. Always try to buy organic when possible - when it comes to skincare, shopping clean products that are free of pesticides and harmful preservatives is of utmost importance to avoid irritation and sensitivity.

        What You’ll Need For Your DIY Hydrating Face Mist:

        Once you have your aloe vera ready to go, you’ll need your utensils. Here’s exactly what you’ll need to get started:

          Step 2: Customize Your Homemade Face Mist With Essential Oils and Extracts

          facial mists

          Now it’s time to add as much Dew to the mix as you’d like. While Aloe Vera is a great base, you can take your mist to greater heights by adding more skin-loving ingredients. To increase the benefits of your facial mist, we suggest adding a bit of our pH perfecting Dew to create a truly luxurious mist that’s full of:

          • Salicylic-rich witch hazel
          • Gently exfoliating lactic Acid
          • Redness-reducing camphor
          • Nourishing amino acids
          • Healing arnica

            Add the Drops to Your Mist

            Now you want to customize your mist with drops of oils that address your skin concerns. Add 3-5 drops of your favorite facial oil to the base:

              Our Extraordinary Face Oils are formulated to be safe for skin, which is why we recommend using them as part of your DIY facial mist. If you prefer using essential oils, please make sure you consult a professional aromatherapist, as many essential oils require proper dilution and extreme caution when used on your skin.

              What Can I Do With My DIY Facial Mist?

              So you’ve added your aloe vera, oils, and Dew and your mist is ready for use. Just shake the blend and spray away! But what situations can you use your hydrating face mist for?

              Keep Your Hydrating Mist in Your Purse

              Face mists are arguably one of the handiest skincare devices you can have in your toolset. Are you feeling hot in the blistering summer heat? A light spray of your mist will cool you down. Is your skin getting dry with the AC that’s blasting in your office building? Take out your face mist and give yourself a few sprays to hydrate your complexion.

              hydrating face mist

              Has your complexion been looking a bit dull? Factors like a lack of sleep, dehydration, and vitamin deficiencies may be to blame. While nothing can replace these important lifestyle factors, a facial mist, especially one that’s brimming with ingredients like our high-grade, nourishing Dew, can give an instant boost in radiance that’s visible on even the dullest skin. Whenever you’re feeling tired, overheated, or just want to treat yourself, a quick spray of your homemade face mist will give you a boost of radiance, hydration, freshness, and a healthy glow. This is why it’s handy to keep on hand in your purse wherever you go.

              Use Your DIY Facial Mist as a Part of Your Skin Care Routine at Home

              Does your skin often get red, irritated, or overly sensitive? A hydrating mist won’t solve all your problems, but it can soothe redness and inflammation and give your complexion a healthy boost of vitamins, amino acids, and skin-repairing enzymes.

              When our skin starts to act up, its pH often becomes either too acidic or too alkaline. Creating our DIY face mist infused with our pH balancing and skin toning Dew can be the perfect addon to your skincare routine. It will bring your pH back to its natural state, which will calm, depuff, soothe, and repair your skin as well. Instead of using it as a toner, you can benefit from infusing Dew into a DIY mist. It’s an easy, light, and quick way to balance your skin before you apply your other serums, creams, or oils.

              With a homemade face mist, there’s also the added benefit of being able to add whatever you want. So, if your skin is particularly red, for example, you can add 2-3 drops of lavender essential oil. Otherwise, if you deal with hyperpigmentation, a small splash of rose hydrosol can balance your complexion while offering a supremely divine floral aroma.

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