Slugging – The Newest Trend in Skincare – How to Do It Naturally

Seems like everyone is talking about the benefits of slugging and waking up to beautiful skin.  At Circcell we’ve been touting the benefits of slugging for years – but we do it without nasty and environmentally detrimental toxins.

Slugging, if you don’t already know, is the process of using petroleum-based products like Vaseline at night before going to bed.  Slather it thickly all over your skin and wake up with dewy plump skin.  How does slugging work?  The petroleum molecule is too large to penetrate your skin, so it rests on top of your skin creating a barrier between you and the external environment.  This allows your skin to retain its internal moisture where otherwise this moisture would evaporate into the environment.  The next day you would have to replenish this moisture loss through the intake of liquids and food.  

While we love the concept of slugging and using this to prevent moisture loss, we’re not crazy about using petroleum-based products on your skin.  Our version is clean, healthy, natural and provides additional benefits on top of maintaining your internal moisture.  

Two of our products provide the benefits of this nighttime ritual.  Essentially, after cleansing, toning, and applying serums, the last two steps include:

-application of our Crème ER3.  Along with powerful actives like peptides, vegan growth factors, plant-based stem cells and non-GMO soy and yam that quickly penetrate the dermis to provide age defying benefits, this wonder product also contains shea butter and carrot seed oil that provide the occlusive function of petroleum-based products, keeping your moisture mantle intact and inhibiting dehydration.

-as a final step to your nighttime routine apply one of our Extraordinary Face Oils:  Nancy’s Blend for sensitive and acneic skin and Jacqueline’s Blend for all other skin types.  This essentially creates a sleeping mask of all the products/ingredients layered underneath improving the efficacy of your nighttime routine and further maintaining your moisture mantel.  

The results – you’ll wake up to dewy, plump, happy, refreshed skin….and you got there in a natural, clean, elegant, and environmentally safe way.

Our suggested nighttime routine:

  1.  Mandarin Cleansing Milk to brighten and remove makeup and debris from the day
  2.  Dew pH Perfector to hydrate, tone, pH balance, nourish and uncover fresh skin
  3.  ABO Eye and Face Serum to rev up the engine of the cell, supporting regeneration and renewal
  4.  Crème ER3 
  5.  Jacqueline’s Blend (normal or dry skin) or Nancy’s Blend (sensitive and acneic skin) depending on your skin type.

Slug away!!

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