Skincare Resolutions You Should Make for 2017

Life (and gorgeous skin) are all about balance, not perfection. But if you do want to get as close to perfect skin as you possibly can, there are some non-negotiable practices and habits you need to adopt.

Now, this is by no means a comprehensive list, but these resolutions are some of the most high-impact that are less common than, say, cleansing every day. Commit to our 2017 Skincare Resolutions and forge ahead for your year of boasting a covetable complexion.

Don’t rush--let your skincare ritual be your meditation

You have a ton of things to do in the morning before you rush off to work, and you’re exhausted by bedtime. But train yourself to truly relish the time you have to cleanse and nourish your skin so that you not only look forward to the self-care process (and therefore minimize the chances of skipping it) but you can also spend the time massaging your products into your skin.

Ever wonder why your skin glows like a model’s after a facial? Yes, your esthetician uses more powerful formulas but he or she also commits an extended period of time to massage your face, stimulating blood flow and allowing your skin to absorb moisture. Do this for yourself every day and night--you deserve it!

Try: ABO +|- Face Rejuvenation Serum

Use an eye cream and a masque

Everyone cleanses and moisturizes, but not everyone consistently incorporates an eye treatment and weekly masque into their skincare regimen. Don’t neglect your eye area, which is the most fragile, dry and prone to wrinkles. You’ll thank yourself ten years down the line! And while a masque might seem like it’s taking away from precious beauty sleep hours, it is well worth it. You’ll be depositing potent clarifying and anti-aging ingredients deep into your skin, locking it in then washing it off to unveil fresh, clear and smooth skin. Do this weekly and the payoff will be tremendous.

Try: ABO +|- Eye Serum and Red Algae Clarifying Masque

Apply an ample amount of SPF every single day, no exceptions

We’re probably preaching to the choir, but you can’t have a list of must-do’s without including sun protection, incontestably the #1 way to slow down aging. Just remember when it comes to SPF cream, a pea-sized drop won’t do. Slather your skin with at least a grape-sized application and rub in until it melts into your skin. The best sun protection treatments also come with hydrating benefits.

Try: Daily Hydration Broad Spectrum SPF 43

Tone after cleansing

If you wear lots of makeup and are out and about, you’d be surprised how much makeup, excess oil and other pore-clogging particulates may remain on your skin even after you cleanse. Either way, your skin absolutely craves a toner not only to restore its pH balance but also so the toner can clean up pores, thus making your other products more effective.

Try: DEW pH Perfector

Give your skin daily Vitamin C

Of all the hundreds if not thousands of skincare ingredients out there, very few have had the scientific research to back its claims as Vitamin C does. If you’re interested in healthy-looking skin at all, you should absolutely apply Vitamin C. It’s known to stimulate collagen production to keep your skin supple, uplifted and firm, fiercely protect you from aging free radicals and brighten your overall skin tone. C is glow guaranteed!

Try: Vitamin C Ampoules

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