Skincare Elixirs That Will Help Minimize Post-Acne Scarring

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Post-acne scarring -- those reddish marks that appear after your skin heals from a blemish -- is often associated with more severe conditions like cystic acne. However, did you know that even mild acne can damage the skin and create scars? Scarring from acne forms due to damaged skin tissue, typically caused by blemishes. When a blemish erupts, the bacteria from the blemish is exposed and destroys healthy skin tissue. Your skin attempts to repair the broken tissue using collagen, a naturally occurring protein found in the body that lends flexibility and strength to your skin. Unfortunately, this repair mechanism cannot fully restore your skin’s original look or texture pre-blemish, thus resulting in scarring. The most common type of scarring left by acne is atrophic, characterized by depressions in the skin which form due to tissue damage and collagen loss. Treating acne early on and working to prevent further breakouts is an effective way of protecting your skin from post-acne scarring. If left untreated, such scarring can become permanent, with discoloration and poor skin texture affecting the health of your skin. Fortunately, even if you can’t treat acne in its earlier stages, you can treat post-acne scarring using products rich in natural botanicals, oils and extracts. Circcell has two products that can dramatically help prevent and minimize post-acne scarring Dramatic Lightening Potion Utilizing seven proven lightening ingredients, the Dramatic Lightening Potion works to even your skin tone and reduce the severity of scars and dark spots by effectively fading and inhibiting discoloration. Daisy extract and Resveratrol promote a more balanced skin tone and deliver necessary antioxidants to the affected areas. Along with botanical extracts, the Dramatic Lightening Potion features light-diffusing Lumispheres, which stabilize free radicals for a softer-looking complexion. By incorporating plant-based peptidic extracts and amino acids into this potion, the skin is gently exfoliated to relieve discoloration, sooth irritation and even the tone of your skin. Scarring and dark spots are faded for a healthier, more radiant look. Apply the Dramatic Lightening Potion every day and/or night after cleansing and toning with Dew. Inside Blog Post 1 Extraordinary Facial Oil (Nancy’s Blend) The carefully sourced botanical extracts in this Extraordinary Facial Oil make it a powerful healing tool for sensitive and damaged skin. Ingredients like fermented Argan oil and Sunflower seed oil restore moisture to the skin while purifying the complexion and soothing irritation. A blend of floral extracts – such as Chamomile, Lavender and Geranium – restore the skin to its healthy glory while the marine-derived Gorgonian extract visibly reduces the severity of inflammation. Perfect for healing and rejuvenating skin, Nancy’s Blend promotes healthier, more radiant skin at the same time that it offers long-lasting hydration and restoration. Inside Post 3 23a If you’re using an anti-acne spot treatment, let it dry and absorb before applying a 1-3 drops of this oil on the affected area for optimal healing. Save Save

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