Skincare and Facial Yoga for a Beautiful Neck and Decolletage

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We nourish and care for our faces ever so diligently, but even the most skincare-obsessed among us forget to give our neck and decolletage the same TLC in order to slow down the signs of aging. The skin on your neck and décolletage is just as vulnerable to manifesting the signs of aging right along with the crow’s feet around the eyes and deep wrinkles in the forehead. In fact, because the skin below your face doesn’t naturally produce nearly as much oil, it can get dry and begin sagging much more quickly. Fortunately, all you need to is extend your daily skincare ritual and continue applying your nourishing treatments. Don’t stop at your jaw--keep going south! Perform Facial Yoga for the neck and jawline to prevent future sagging while toning and firming.
  1. Tilt your head back and kiss the sky in an exaggerated fashion ten times.
  2. On the 10th time, exhale with one long breath through pursed lips.
  3. Drop your head forward. Relax.
  4. Repeat one more time.
[embed][/embed] Every night: Apply a deeply moisturizing and rejuvenating cream One of the best Circell formulas for the neck is the Creme E.R.3. A potent blend of super-moisturizing shea butter, argan oil, wild yam and non-GMO soy, this rich cream restores perfect equilibrium into skin by delivering a balancing dose of of hydration, stimulating elasticity and firmness, smoothing out wrinkles and helping to slow down crepey skin to a crawl. ER3 Every day: Protect your neck and decolletage with sunscreen Sun damage is the top cause of premature aging, and although it can’t (and shouldn’t) be avoided at all times, you can help keep your neck and decolletage area firm and youthful by strategically covering it during extended sun time or during peak hours. Although a scarf is not always doable, what you can do consistently is make sure you defend your skin with a broad spectrum sunscreen. Enriched with antioxidants, which boost the potency of sunscreen, the Daily Hydration Broad Spectrum SPF 43 provides balanced moisture with hyaluronic acid and ensures the damaging UV rays don’t cause visible damage to your skin. daily-hydration

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