Self Love and Skincare

Self love is an important part of everyday well-being, no matter the time of year. Too often, we find ourselves putting the happiness of those we love before our own needs. A giving nature is beautiful. It should be celebrated and cared for by those we love and, maybe more importantly, by ourselves.  

You know what they say… You can’t properly love others without first loving yourself. 

So this month, regardless of relationship status, we say you deserve to take a few luxurious minutes for some self care. Pamper yourself, embrace the journey you’re on, and feel a little love for the beautiful skin you’re in.

Below we’ve gathered a few of our favorite self care traditions and most popular products to help you to reimagine what this love-filled holiday means to you.

1. Embrace the Healing Energy of Amethyst.

Amethyst has been used for centuries to clear negative energy, promote healing, and connect to one's spiritual self. It’s unique energy is known to strengthen intuition and calm the mind with a new sense of awareness, relieving stress, tension and strain. 

This beautiful stone is a go-to for many spiritual healers and can be used to balance your chakra, as well as your complexion. Just as the amethyst stone works for spiritual healing, applying it to your skin can soothe and calm your complexion, while also promoting cell regeneration (for more details on the long and powerful history of amethyst, check out this blog post).

So start your day off right, by massaging the negative energy away and prepping both your mind and your body for some self love. 

The amethyst roller is one of our favorite and most simple ways to harness this crystal’s power. The negative charge of the stone works to pull positively charged toxins and free radicals from the skin to cleanse and detoxify. Using an amethyst roller not only reduces tension and stress, it also improves lymphatic drainage and infuses ingredients to the skin for better product efficacy. 

2. Wake Up, Revive & Restore.

Your eyes are delicate, both inside and out — and when you’re tired, they’re the first thing to show it. Treat yourself and your eyes to a wake-up call this with our Insight Collagen Eye Masks. In just fifteen minutes, signs of fatigue, damage and stress are eliminated by the highest concentration of stable collagen on the market. 

Perfect for a quick refresh before a special event or a relaxing pampering session, this smart sheet mask produces visible restorative results to quickly give you the smooth and refreshed complexion you deserve. 

*Pro Tip: Refrigerate masks prior to use for supercharged de-puffing and a few moments of cool, soothing face refreshment.

3. Get Ready to Glow.

Achieving a radiant, healthy complexion involves a balancing act of multiple factors. Unfortunately, some of those factors are out of our control. Things like environmental pollution, dry atmospheres and UV exposure are hard to avoid, and they can have harmful effects on your skin. 

Use this love-filled month to reset your balance and regain a radiant complexion with one of our most popular products, the Vitamin C Ampoules

Vitamin C is well known for its wide range of skincare benefits. An essential antioxidant, Vitamin C works to transform dull, lackluster skin, fight environmental damage, and reduce the appearance of fine lines. Antiseptic properties cleanse and gently exfoliate while also shrinking pores, brightening and evening skin tone (more on all the benefits here, in our recent post on citrus essential oils). 

Contained in biodegradable capsules that protect the potency of active ingredients, our Vitamin C Ampoules provide a targeted dose of high-performance nutrients to deliver maximum results. With hydrating L-ascorbic acid, this pearlescent formula can even double as a brightening primer.

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