Post Vacay, Spot Free Skin In Two Weeks

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Home from your spring break week in the sun to find your face speckled, spotted and mottled? We are experts at beauty home care and have created effective, clean products that dramatically yet gently keep your skin discoloration free. If you follow our daily home care regimen for the next two weeks you will find your vacay leftovers have faded away! Use this regimen morning and night:

Mandarin Cleansing Milk - Begin your routine with this brightening cleanser. It contains licorice and citrus extracts to help brighten the skin and even out tone.

Dew pH Perfector - 5% lactic acid helps to exfoliate the skin and aid in reducing pigment. Exfoliated skin also allows increased absorption of active ingredients from other topical products. A combination of 10 amino acids improves skin texture and repairs damaged cells.

Dramatic Lightening Potion - Our tyrosinase inhibiting product is Hydroquinone-free and does NOT make skin sensitive to sunlight. This product uses a non-toxic tyrosinase inhibitor that is derived from botanicals. Our advanced serum is formulated specifically to treat and prevent hyperpigmentation of all kinds with a proprietary blend of 7 ingredients - a combination of pigment inhibitors, anti-oxidants, peptides, and plant extracts. 10% Vitamin C Ampoules (for daytime use only) - No brightening regimen is complete without stable vitamin C! Ours contains 3 forms of vitamin C, vitamin E, and 2 peptides that work together to provide photo-protection and anti-oxidant protection and support repair of damaged skin cells that cause hyperpigmentation.

Moisture Shield (for Daytime use only) - Keep any new hyperpigmentation at bay with a good sunscreen! Ours has hydrators combined with broad spectrum UVA/UVB sunscreen. This formula contains vitamin E for added anti-oxidant protection, Hyaluronic acid to hydrate and nourish the skin and olive sourced squalene for skin barrier protection. For evening, this routine can be followed with your favorite night cream. We recommend our Creme ER3 for skin restoration, repair and rejuvenation.

Fruition Brightening & Polishing Mask (use two - three times per week) - this natural mask uses acids and enzymes from citrus extracts and real fruit purees of papaya, mango and passion fruit to gently slough away dead and discolored skin while adding back hydration and softness.

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