Jello Skin: How to Achieve this Trending Craze with Circcell

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How did a brand-new skincare craze originate from one person’s TikTok video? That’s part of the joy of following influencers such as Ava Lee, and it’s really brought the phrase “jello skin” to the forefront of everyone’s beauty routine. In fact, this phrase wasn’t even coined until a few months ago. And since then it’s become one of the hottest ways to take care of facial skin.

What is “Jello Skin?”

The video in question by Ava Lee features an esthetician saying that her facial skin is “firm.” He goes on to point out that it looks “like the perfect consistency of Jell-O!” By stating this one fact, he and Lee caught the attention of the world.

Elasticity and plumpness can tell us a lot about the skin’s collagen production. Collagen is the body’s most abundant protein, and it helps keep your skin plump and your joints healthy. Unfortunately, your body begins to produce less collagen as you age, which can wreak havoc with your skin.

Jello skin means that your face is plump and supple. Put simply, there’s still enough elasticity in your face to bounce back after someone or something touches it. This is much different from other recent skincare trends such as having glass skin. While glass skin or glazed doughnut skincare deal primarily with your complexion, jello skin goes much further.

How to Get Jello Skin

As the trending influencer Ava Lee said, “Jello skin is so much more than how your skin looks. There isn’t one product that will help you get it; it’s a whole lifestyle.”

Jello skin was inspired by Korean skincare techniques. In other words, it primarily emphasizes natural, healthy beauty. There’s a whole mixture of things that Lee does to ensure she maintains her jello skin, including staying hydrated, using collagen supplements and bone broth, drinking anti-inflammatory tea, etc.

Lee also enjoys making what she’s dubbed a “jello skin elixir.” This is based on traditional Chinese medicine techniques and includes goji berries, dates, apples, herbal brown sugar, and black fungus mushrooms. Beyond this, she even adds “jello skin boosters” to her drinks such as antioxidant-rich matcha or black sesame oil.

Another component of getting jello skin is using gua sha. This method boosts collagen, decongests the tissue that’s hidden beneath your skin, and helps with lymphatic drainage.

Five Main Ingredients to Boost Skin’s Plumpness

There are five main ingredients that will boost your skin’s plumpness and help provide you with jello skin:

●      Hyaluronic Acid

●      Retinol

●      Peptides

●      Vitamin C

●      Glycolic Acid

Buying skincare products that feature even one of these five ingredients will make it easier to achieve jello skin. You’ll be so glad you did, too, as your facial skin will give you the appearance of being younger than your years.

You can also help yourself out by adding in spa treatments, a noninvasive laser treatment, and microneedling. However, the most useful approach will be your daily skincare routine. 

Circcell Products that will Give you Jello Skin

Now that you have a better understanding of what jello skin is and why it’s so desirable, let’s take a look at some Circcell luxury skincareproducts that will help you achieve the desired outcome. We’ve selected our top three products that will give you plumper, more supple skin. Choose one, two, or all three of these items to take your skincare to the next level!

Collagen Eye Treatment Masks

To help yourself achieve jello skin, you should definitely reach for Collagen Eye Treatment Masks. This product offers the highest level of stable collagen that you can buy, which makes it a great choice! It also includes peptides, so you’ve got two of the five ingredients in one product.

Wearing the eye treatment masks for a mere 15 minutes at a time will provide fantastic results. Not only can you achieve jello skin, but you’ll also benefit from the reduction of stress, damage, and fatigue to the area around your eyes.

Creme ER3

If you want to improve your elasticity, Crème ER3 is the way to go! Peptides will ensure that your skin gains a notable improvement of its elasticity levels. This treatment also offers essential renewal, restoration, and replacement when you use it once or twice a day.

Crème ER3 will boost your face’s moisture levels and firmness, and it’ll make your skin more balanced. This product provides intensive aging correction and provides supple skin. All of these are positive attributes, and it even smooths out your wrinkles and fine lines.

ABO +/-

ABO +/- Serum Face Rejuvenation offers an uplifting experience that will improve your face’s elasticity and firmness. It also targets the signs of aging and will instantly rejuvenate you.

Perhaps the best part of ABO +/- is that it features an oxygen and algae complex that will smooth wrinkles and fine lines. This will give you a toned, firm effect. At the same time, you’ll receive a brighter appearance, thanks to micro-circulation.


Trust Circcell’s Products to Help You Achieve Jello Skin

Jello skin may be the latest trend, but it’s also a look that everyone wants to achieve. After all, is there anything better than having plump, healthy skin that bounces back? That’s why we know you’ll love using Circcell’s products because they can help you with your collagen production!

Take your first step toward having enviably young-looking skin today. Be sure to check out the three products listed above as you visit   

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