Aging Skin Calls For Something Extraordinary

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Eventually, we all deal with aging skin. A loss of firmness, those fine lines, a lack of hydration. When nothing seems to help, it’s time for “extraordinary” measures.

Not all oils are created equal.

Choosing an oil–even thinking about adding one to your regimen–can be a wee bit terrifying. Sadly, so many oils just sit on your skin, mocking you with a greasy mess.

For an oil to be effective and for your skin to receive the full benefits of their potent nutrients, facial oils must be expertly crafted, formulated with superior-quality sources, and blended together harmoniously. Even so, the large molecular size of most oils can result in a heavy feel that ineffectively rests on top of your skin.

Circcell® uses a cutting-edge oil fermentation technology that decreases the molecular size of the oil–allowing the oil to penetrate and take the actives into your skin. That same technology also helps increase the production of free fatty acids that are necessary for cellular membrane health.


The cellular membrane is the gatekeeper of the cell. It decides which nutrients to allow in and which toxins to purge. Additionally, Circcell® oil bases are comprised of lipids sourced from the highest-quality botanicals­­ to create the skin lipid profile of a healthy 22-year old­.

Those lipids are infused with antioxidants such as vitamins A, B, C & E blended with Moringa Oil (the most oxidatively stable oil available).

That is the Circcell® Difference–facial oils that can really affect a change in the skin.

Jacqueline’s Blend for Anti-Aging

“Jacqueline is my mother, one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever known. I named Jacqueline’s Blend after her as she inspired me at a young age to take care of my skin and taught me the joy of fashion, beauty, and self-care. Her favorite scents are rose and jasmine–and the purest versions of both are in Jacqueline’s Blend Extraordinary Face Oil.” -Maya Crothers, Circcell® Founder

For Jacqueline’s Blend, we added the purest essential Rose and Jasmine Oils. The Rose Oil provides lifting and toning power; the Jasmine Oil helps to boost skin elasticity for a toned, firm, smooth appearance.

As we move into the winter months, we all feel the need for more hydration and skin protection from the elements. Adding an oil now is an excellent idea–and thanks to the unique Circcell® fermentation process, the oil goes where it belongs–into your skin.

Don’t misunderstand! We’re big fans of facial oils all year long, but the cooler months are a great time to try Jacqueline’s Blend if your goal is age-defying hydration, toning, firming, and fresher, younger-looking skin. How do you use it? We highly recommend using oils as the final step to your evening skincare routine. Jacqueline’s Blend will penetrate through the products you’ve applied underneath, so your skin will receive the benefit of your evening regimen plus the oil will seal them in, creating a mask that works through the night.

Oil Tips

  1. Oil should always be the FINAL step in a regimen. Oil penetrates everything; very little can penetrates oil.
  2. Keep Jacqueline’s Blend at your desk and apply a drop or two throughout the day. It will keep your skin looking fresh and feeling hydrated.
  3. You can mix your oil with your Crème E.R.3 at night (though we recommend it go on after moisturizer). Don’t ever mix oil with your Circcell® Moisture Shield, it can tamper with the SPF.
  4. Add a drop to your foundation for a healthy glow.
  5. Yes, you can use oil around your eyes and on your lips. It’s the ultimate hydration!
  6. If you’re traveling: apply Jacqueline’s Blend just before you board the plane and once every hour you’re flying.

Age-Defying Regimen


Cleanse with Geothermal Clay Cleanser

Tone with Dew pH Perfector

Eye Care: ABO Eye Serum

Treatment: ABO Face Serum

Environmental Defense: Vitamin C Ampoules

Daily Sun Protection: Moisture Shield

Evening Cleanse with Geothermal Clay Cleanser

Tone with Dew pH Perfector

Eye Care: ABO Eye Serum

Treatment: Crème E.R.3

Moisturize: Jacqueline’s Blend, Extraordinary Face Oil for Anti-Aging

Circcell® Born in Jackson Hole. Created to Travel the World.

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