6 Skin-Perfecting Foods Loaded With Vitamin A and C

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If you were to drink a glass of pure carrot and kale juice every day as part of a healthy, balanced diet, we’d be shocked if you didn’t notice more radiant skin.

These two juicery staples, after all boast Vitamin A and Vitamin C, and consuming them regularly strengthens your skin from the inside out. Of all the topical skincare ingredients that exist today (and there are a lot), Vitamins A and C have been the most researched, the most proven and most lauded by estheticians and dermatologists alike. Together, they promote cell renewal, firmness, brightness and collagen production. So, if you’re at all concerned about anti-aging (and aren’t we all), eat these five foods with regularity and see the glow appear!


Did you know half a cup of broccoli contains more Vitamin C than a large orange? We’re finally giving this mini-tree the credit it deserves. A: 1 cup raw: 11% DV C: ½ cup cooked: 107% DV


If you thought the wellness world’s kale obsession was going to fade, these vitamin stats will convince you otherwise. Kale bursts with the highest content of both vitamins in a single cup, so try to grab a handful daily. A: 1 cup, chopped: over 100% DV C: 1 cup, chopped: 134% DV


Popeye was onto something--this classic leafy green will help you quickly fill up on your A and C quota for the day along with a host of skin-friendly minerals. A: 1 cup raw: 56% DV C: 1 cup raw: 14% DV

Carrots or Sweet Potato.

Both these delicious foods contain over 100% of the daily value of Vitamin A along with a dash of C. You can make these together in a stew or slice them into your salads. Carrot: A: 1 cup raw sliced: over 100% DV Sweet Potato: A: 1 whole: over 100% DV

Red Peppers.

Most people generally know red peppers are good for you by virtue of them being vegetables, but many don’t know is that they’re rife with Vitamin C, making them perfect complements to salads. A: ½ cup chopped, raw: 17% DV C: ½ cup chopped, raw: over 100% DV

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