4 Ways to Glow While You Travel

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Travel... one of life’s most extraordinary gifts that comes in the form of adventure, cultural exploration and unforgettable memories. But while the experience of a vacation is priceless, it doesn’t have to come at the cost of your health (and beautiful skin). Maintaining a lifestyle ideal for optimal health or radiant skin is not necessarily top priority when one finds themselves in a far-off land. But there are ways you can stay healthy while still enjoying your trip, and they don’t take a lot of thought if you plan ahead a little. Take a Reusable Water Bottle With You You will have to empty it in order to get past TSA, but a reusable water bottle is essential when it comes to traveling regardless of your trip’s duration. Use it to stay hydrated on the plane, and continue filling it up before leaving your hotel each day (just make sure the water supply is safe depending on where you’re visiting). Because dehydration is the cause of sapped energy, sluggish digestion and dull, lackluster skin, this one vacation habit can make a world of difference. Adopt an Exercise Routine for Traveling Traveling is meant for leisure, fun and relaxation, so you don’t necessarily have to take the joy out of your vacation by viewing exercise as a chore. Think of it as movement. A vacation is usually built in with a lot of walking, so there’s usually not much more you need to do -- just keep moving! For example, you can plan a walking or hiking route that includes some optimum sightseeing ahead of time so you’re actually excited to do it once you reach your destination!  For a breezy 15 minute workout, watch Boho Beautiful's morning workout video here for a fantastic way to wakeup your body. Also, just to prepare for days when you plan to simply relax without any sightseeing, find a no-fuss workout routine you can do in your hotel room. If you prefer yoga, download your favorite video to your phone or tablet so you always have it on the go. Keeping your body active will help you sustain energy not to mention keep your blood circulating so you can glow and glow.

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Eat Nutrient-Dense Foods as Much as Possible Exploring and indulging in local cuisine at your destination is one of the most pleasurable aspects of going on vacation. By taking a bite out of a city’s foods, you are tasting a bit its culture and history. But don’t fret over calories while you’re traveling; rather, remain mindful of what you eat by making sure you include traditional dishes that are filled with vegetables, whole grains and proteins. To stay hydrated and keep your sweet tooth in check, eat the glorious fruits that are local to the region you’re visiting. Many countries offer foods that are far healthier than you’d think (think about all the fresh fish, olive oil and veggies in Greece!). With that said, enjoy yourself and explore food guilt-free even if you’re indulging in desserts -- with a bit of moderation you don’t have to sacrifice an amazing experience. Commit to Your Skincare Skincare, of course, is paramount if you want to maintain that “vacation glow,” but oftentimes, while you travel, your skin tends to get dull as it adjusts to the new surroundings. The flight is especially dehyrating to your skin, so make sure you’re well prepared before you hop on the plane by using a moisturizing toner to create a hydrating, absorbent base, a serum to suffuse skin with concentrated actives into the epidermis, a deeply hydrating moisturizer to keep your skin strong and healthy and finally a facial oil to rejuvenate the skin and lock in all the amazing nutrients of the previous treatments. And don’t forget -- every single day during your adventures, don’t skip the sunscreen. You’ll be outdoors more than usual, so this is all the more crucial. Remember these four tips and go ahead, satiate your wanderlust!  

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