3 Tips for Keeping Your Skin Hydrated and Plump at 30,000 Feet

Most people experience chapped lips, dry eyes and rougher skin texture when they fly. In fact, a lot of us feel less than our best when we travel, but we often chalk it up to a lack of sleep or the stress that airports often bring. But there’s a scientific reason for why your skin feels dull after a long flight, and if you know it, you can prevent it. 22c_Blog_3 tips for keeping sking Most modern aircrafts recycle and re-circulate half the air in the cabin and supplement the other half with fresh air from outside. They do so to conserve fuel throughout the duration of the flight and reduce the engine’s workload. Unfortunately, this recycled, pressurized air is incredibly dry, and it can wreak havoc on your skin. Air draws moisture from wherever it can through a process called osmosis, and on an airplane, that means it will come from your skin. On top of that, your mobility is limited on a long flight, and fluid can pool in your feet, ankles, and even below your eyes, which will result in puffy lids and dark circles. Here are three tips for keeping your skin plump and hydrated the next time you hop on a plane: Use a Collagen Eye Mask the Night before You Fly Sleep deprivation is never a good look, but it goes hand-in-hand with traveling. Throw in stale, dry air and long periods of sitting down, and your eyes will be puffy and parched with dark circles in no time. By using Circcell’s Collagen Build 97 Eye Treatment Mask the night before you fly, your eyes will be prepped and plump for whatever adventures lay ahead. Apply an Anti-Aging Moisturizer Regular moisturizing lotion might do the trick when your feet are planted firmly on the ground, but it’s not going to keep your skin hydrated in dry cabin air at cruising altitude. Instead, use an intensive moisturizer with anti-aging properties, like Circcell’s Creme ER3. This Essential Restoration Renewal & Replacement cream hydrates and firms the skin with shea butter and wild yam. Dry skin makes wrinkles and fine lines look more pronounced, so take a proactive approach and apply this cream before takeoff for a fresh glow when you land.   Give Skin Added Protection with Oil Skin can take a little while to absorb moisturizer, which means if you apply it right before you fly, the dry cabin air will just draw from that before pulling the moisture directly from your skin. Protect your skin and help your moisturizer do its job by applying an oil that rests on the top layer of skin to retain moisture. Circcell’s Extraordinary Face Oil relies on a cutting-edge fermentation process that increases the oil’s production of free fatty acids, which leave skin moist and dewy. Couple that with an anti-aging moisturizer underneath, and you’ll enter baggage claim fresh-faced and glowing. And of course, if you have an especially long flight, take the Weekend Kit since it’s TSA-friendly which means you can take it with you on your carry-on luggage. 28c_Blog_Product Spotlight When you travel, don’t forget to moisturize from within, as well. Skip the caffeine unless you absolutely need it, avoid salty snacks, and drink plenty of water during the flight so you feel as good as you look upon landing.  

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