3 Amazing Beauty Bath Rituals From Around the World

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Every culture seems to have their own secret to maintaining gorgeously glowing skin from head to toe. Drawing from the natural gems found in their corner of the world, women -- from island regions to metropolitan cities -- indulge in rituals that not only helps illuminate their skin, but also offer a dose of luxurious relaxation. Among these rituals are beauty baths that involve steeping oneself in a pool of a fascinating ingredient that will help revitalize skin. This something we can get behind! Let’s explore three from around the world. Israel/Jordan: Mud baths Mud from the Dead Sea boasts a worldwide reputation for its healing and therapeutic properties. For centuries, people in this region have been known to take a journey to areas where they could luxuriate in this mud to take advantage of its high mineral content as well as its ability to draw out impurities, revive blood circulation and moisturize skin. For a luxurious “mud bath” for your facial skin, try the Red Algae Clarifying Mask. Best for problematic, oily or combination skin. Blog Pic 1 (1) Egypt: Milk baths Chances are, you’ve heard about Cleopatra and her legendary milk baths that helped promote her soft, supple skin. That was centuries ago, and her beauty knowledge was spot on. Milk (the whole, pasteurized variety) features lactic acid, which is a natural exfoliator that dissolves dulling dead skin cells while hydrating skin. Milk also contains ingredients like sulfur and amino acids, which help moisturize and nourish skin. For a luxurious “milk bath” for your facial skin, try the Mandarin Cleansing Milk to remove impurities and soften skin. Mandarin-Cleanser Japan: Sake baths Though the alcoholic beverage sake isn’t known to help skin by way of imbibing, it is famous for its ability to halt wrinkles and encourage a youthful complexion. In certain spas in Japan, women dip themselves into baths that contain sake for renewed skin. This beverage best known as a sushi companion is touted as an anti-aging gem thanks to its yeast content, an incredible moisturizer thanks to its amino acid content as well as light, bright skin thanks to its kojic acid. If you prefer a “sake bath” for your facial skin, try the Dramatic Lightening Potion, which also contains yeast extract. DLP

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